The darkest view or side without moons gravity.

A world beyond our reach and slight of hands, sight. Has a notebook which appears later to reveal
little facts and much stranger attention. NASA doesn't want to first make a statement about any
formation on Mars or the Moon, "the dark side of this. All the things that prose and poetry make ado
peek beyond our "Rhelm of Hand" to suggest, "where I come in.
Saturns Ravioli Moon Pan, my previous reference about this strange and stranger phenomenon
taken root, is particularly mentioned in my last entry. Battery power, solar power beam, a light
laughter to the above clouds. NASA research states, water water every where, some slow running,
oceans of ice on the surface and water beneath. A thought raised, don't drink the water it might have
a little rust, Rusty looking Mars earth, rusty water pipes carrying drinking water to its population.
The dark side has real questions, largely interesting science studies having roots in space.
What kind of bubble are we observing, Navel fleets hold to the darkness of time, worlds, coves "watch, can be done for that to prevail. The search for the golden door.
The closest such adventure, world, by our time travel according to NASA, is about 75.000 years.
But that said with no moon to influence it orbiting its star according to NASA, unless their wrong
and the space telescopes haven't seen it yet. Going forward the science is golden, wait and see.
Now in belief, in a reference the planets that orbit about its red sun does rotate a number of times
In its orbit. Can this cause a seasonally favorably atmosphere change. Not withstanding a number of
Planets orbit that red star.
Would be ambition to fly from one world to another, but the thought now closer, how blue are you.


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