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After Dark.

I came with you thru the dark of time Rolled up into a braided cuddly care My love given you the earthly ware Well jeweled gold or do the joy of life Ring well resonate about the stone we Upon reach out into the dark bringing  Light beyond the dark of the tides end That brought us real time the existing  Shelf and birth carries came with you Till the next world is uncovered bring The belief each not theirs alone to sow To my sweet wonder the world ranted Or beauty above the wall in streaming  Waves sweet wonder in lieu of the one Bare witnessing I wrote you a world of It began with the letter I cannot return In kind but waved and those of course Came by the way of any kind Sputnik  Or Treks long long voyage what came Our way began another course in the  Voyage to the stars rebirth of lives our Ancestry delayed in the wake of four  Pandemics blood on the stone enabled The history or prayer of forgiveness to Bless ourselves love reborn without any Grievance the spell of magic and beauty

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