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From the Walls Desk.

My predictions sci-fi fantasy UFO,s are being called back behind and beyond the sun The earths walls or at least far from any circumvention and Sight of the grass people American Race that never waved  To by hand and flag those kind of things on going that you Might believe take place even water will freeze beyond and Never return what will become like a Christmas ornament Brittle world the sun earth has taken a wider orbit for planet Earth and sun the atmosphere change will cause UFO,s shine Glitter like a flashlight in the night ice boxes lose power food Waste away liken brain poisoning speech and memory from Frozen oxygen bad story why polar bears hunt seals and can Fill their faces I say this because the sun has began a colder  Shift isolation and perhaps another ice age it will not make  Any one a happy camper unless it is a bad call 📞 and the Wall stands against the cold that may be in store and the call To return to starry starry times beg none and borrow  The church in kind yo

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