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Conflict is a worlds loss or gain I see all the pieces never to recede But remain greying in shames place Broken wheels of progress in depth Bring about but for the ripple of time Seen through where the world inside Written about wrote to the other world Still good came to be a prized pen exit  The things that others believed in hand Exist or in the culmination of life’s stand Yesterdays Monet the latter hills of white Grey images peril the telescope life began But it fell between foot time and mankind  Through fingers lifting out the soiled earth Conflict is as serious as poison ivy to touch A blemish of pain raised by the noses reach Tables edge shoeless beneath a perfect seed Not run amok a dish in hand of huckleberries  The horn of plenty narrow at birth wide to be The suns of time contain at the origin closure Liken I’ll fated chivalry light land home awaken I noticed a triangle narrow from frozen not stilled The distant place wide at ends search points about Many articles from ye

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