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Citi of Walls

The gate opened to the city of walls  Behind of which no steps were made Reaching inside the darkness of places Without applaud or stairway to the stars  Just lined up spread about as far the eyes Can see no church only God in its tongues Still remains and to hear the many beliefs Ear to the wall where darkness parades on Carry tales in silence the artist saw its wind Or sail its impregnable gate slipped between The cracks cheeky dog following my phone Rang twice the thoughts in my mind raced The field the players field the stars of some Penetrated it’s darkness the only motion was A passage of time I brought you or the lighten Bugs against darken windows form shadows Shame of the absence of any hand whatever Not to note none of you my dawn replies and My leave the door opens to raise my belief to Enter or good by if the fuse is not set brighten You only purpose as history paved the ancients On another scale left the stone wheels from hell They dropped remain the only thing not claimed

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