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La Journal, “continued notes.

The line along the fault divided all forces  Even to space saw another's dark saucers  Tho line went the spin spun another deal Older running fixes the line performs real  Except later day where that line saw lower Connecting to four parts sect, lucky clover The slow advancement in creature comfort Control is another area of “AI” but wrought The stick of softer days cups in taste bought Grape bunches sugar cane chews retort your Tasted fruity things cant say I love you more Coffee tea I agree till I recline or decline for Amid my bed pillow-angel I’ve let declined  In my dreams the waxed beard call to wines Calling the night through the crimson lights  Heavens Star refusal to lessen its brightness  Or moons other site and home coming reach Placed a ribboned pin on my breast to preach  Beyond moon melt by candle light cherished  The homecoming other site all fruit lavished  Unseen but said the lasting beauty said trees  What remains from things became birds bees Or moons other site

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