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The other side of the wall

The other side of the world still went or goes on  Never in the way we think or really want for the Our thinking is look we went before your inquiry But the book report the guy took home was tossed Into the wind or so we thought now it may been the Elephant in the kitchen something about UFO,s and The other guy altar ego was mentioned privately and What was said leads one to think the nineteen steps of The mysterious Dr spot on why you lost the way think Both corners of the page are instilled with fingerprints Experts maybe UFOs visited here , Earth facts different  Or took up residence not impossible but from the other Side of the wall I will return to writing behind that wall Thinking repairing the wall the patchy bricks need newer Trowels well needs a little bit of repairs pray that the flip Of continents read the story report that beneath the other Shell of top surface earth land is a ocean around the entire So when it flipped on Atlantis it went to the bottom where Some of it rema

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