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A walk around the wall

To keep the tide of other pursuits From becoming the new state or As it exists you can put a lot in it And take a lot away more specific Love and gain once mentioned by Ruling parties on the relationship  Rendered written prejudice form Who what read the lines not want Seen or made semi-official or said The specifics where we are today  And said about previously love ❤️  Marriage cliffs of tomorrow call Or end. To be continued. Skipping ahead the wall’s dents are The wall statement what it is and of Course as I am led to think reaching Out and adding a point of view where The rock becomes the news reaching  A never ending marble world window  The stars are shadows of the times lay A ocean in space uncovers to reveal  Earth with water or water with a great Mass either way newest reality I think Land of giants lost dimensions others  Things about realities lost to machine Came and went not coming to dinner Settings but the graphics have a deep Rut not the deepest blue greenly grey Agains

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