Beyond the walls next act.

The last act before the walls fall
But the stringent act is in repair 
To the ugly wall crumbling stages
Part are in racing hands redundant 
Of the moment the costly treasure
Has gone from one hand to another
In the last act or final curtain drawn
It is not a opinion it is the law down
Cry of jungle out goes the mention 
Of who you are of representation of
Reconmpensation mention in comes
The law of the jungle the spread of
Sticks and stone no thought ever did
Brave one thought who you are any 
One thought where the bell echoed 
No thoughts remain no thoughts of
Tomorrow becoming today the last
Act of stupidity or the seven letters
From hell the first I read and kept
My opinion the second I saw 👀 
Peeking over the wall the red spiked
Horns caught my attention I ran away
Further from the sight I sought escape
Next I heard rioter's cries thinking was
Following me I continued to run swift
The fourth was a city from which rose
Smoke changing direction engulfing sea
Birds of prey in skies of growing grey
Sixth the finding of misery in a bunch
Gathered bouquet the seventh a wonder
Of the crystal ball seen upon walls top
In ink blotting.
The walls seemly soft earth slowed my
Foot race and widened the path from a 
Close order to more distant steps away 
The commotion previously heard began
To make sense from the saints the devils
Huddled about in thought I cannot hear
Clearly what is being said because more
Caution their words perhaps carry the tags
It places allows others on secure footing
Their feet’s are equally muddy and others
In stand still seeking to avoid the pit falls
Changing the lighting none exist provide
Direction except the climbing of sweeter
Things of nature love birds grapes of the
Vine some fallen from branch others in
Crying mouths still more hunger provides
A dangerous chance even more I cant see
To buttress at the reach of dawn or beyond
The wall come a door open bring sunshine
Against mud slinging no sign welcome or
Enter because a reality the other may bring
Accumulation or tear tongue in cheek call
To order crime against basic freedom wasn’t
Clearly understood as I spoke my language
Other languages not recorded of course and
Either not written down criminally the other
Little spoken any manner appears to answer
The comment call to follow the first line not
A viable will or aim of purpose neither end 
But a jokers ware and tear of baggy bags and
Paper hat come now the pitiful lone leader 
Challenging the pit where lions roar who is
Then king will not  relinquish claim and foe
Rust and fame, passing the cup.
The other cometh taking form with branch site
Cloud changing days fanning word and belief
In a darken conspiracy leaning today tomorrow 
Into their encampment with lesser prizes than
Can be realized lesser human beings end in tact
Form and ability of sight and sound recognition 
To memory lay the stone from which all history
Began and broke apart read like a head stone 
Here was my argument history lie but in that, 
1. Period of time first which poisoned our minds 
2. The next followed the course laid down or left
3. Tax still that which I see left challenged remain
4. The standard to empty other beliefs in immoral 
5. Wealth pocket passes range the cast influenced
6. The walls portal recently repaired stars and bars
7. Course for concern everything else is not enough


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