Vetting my standing at the Wall

My case against the BSA is a class action suit that has been vetted 
To what extent that is or is becoming what will shape it will state
Make changes be final. Has condemned me privately from without
By a powerful chain of defense to silence any criticism of the actions
And people involved in this unlawful action of the BSA and matters
I think the law firm representing me are sufficient but note powerful
Lobbyists I feel are or have been noted in the way may outlive me
Before my class action suit is settled all I feel good to say about it
The wall is dark on my side but on the other, cowboys and Indians.
Another bad story that is a piece of the puzzle running red is that the 
Decision to have sent a rocket with nuclear waste to the sun and burn
Up which they did and was both said and announced since that time
The sun seems to have burst its seams in years after that the weather 
Change the world and country are driven into the muddy ravine from
Flood and fire I ask who and what contributed to the slight fall cast on
America and what country beside the USA sent nuclear waste in that
Effort “ apologies “ are not accepted or the drain of life that has fallen
Hard times for all who what where is the truth, questions remain seen
Where does it end.


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