Truman Nato other laws.

Another law per say is the Truman Law I call Nato defense
Which is scheduled to discuss American and European matters 
In coming days trying to forge new steps or furthers the war in
European law of war in around Europe against the Russian war
In Ukraine or break the bank those advocates who chaired the
Conflict into war have run out of time against time have left the
Scene who promoted the clash more than half million casualties 
To a larger unspecific number certainly a greater danger given it
Or the new military leadership to figure out without any defense 
To the human struggle the case of the war in Europe believing in
A safe subject into another forever war to a more reality of a one
Two nuclear war and winter can become without button pushing
And past Nato Generals similar to out and in out of touch to more
Specific returning to safer states a planed condition I believe exist
Leaving few mad men in Europe at charge one keeps the forever
War on the vacant table to be filled continues the very dangerous 
Step the old left the new to further extending unjust conflict in
Face of the deep danger the speedy answer I see as a unclear act
To resolve the living to seek such resolve by the language to vote
A more pristine leadership without the grumble of elected vote or
Change in order theres no safe in this call but numbers can follow
The dollar. Not leaning on call of the witch a improper entering on
The same plank it’s a pirate ship the caption of another flagship not
In charge thinking it’s a bad turn of events peering into the glass is
Turning course a inclination to board in a broader way against any
Of freedoms to speak but the road to no where a very narrow path
And where the path goes the argument remains on its narrow path
More diverse as it becomes in use it is better it never be used and
Return to the wall where in applause but a horror shop of bleeders 
Bleeding the youth the imprisoned to enter the conflict others are
Making way a candle shop shining it’s light their only thought and
Way to freedoms outstretched hand. 
Infamy behind the wall, the clearest infamy I see is now the wonders
Of technology and communication where the hand on our cell phones
Are becoming prohibited 🚫 in certain meetings and coming going in
And out of rooms my belief or prevailing ideas as I postulate is chess
Something thousand of years old as noted by archeologists finding and
Configuration of time echos this parallel's real communism that the
Decisions in un/insulation's the norms we believed as truth without the
Mark of slavery in our past or future that becomes the new pit becoming
The a lasting step into communism in which all everything is controlled 
By a red flag start and go under their wacky pretense decide and loosen 
That adhere all to clearer light leadership our way but in the end begs to
The very starving of understanding. My eyes cast upon the hill or wall
I saw through my binoculars a wall in which I heard the thunder of drums 
Caught my attention led me to my belief as I wrote earlier vaulted to the
Other side clearing it all in all what side it is not that important anymore 
Others I saw not since hurry the other way from the picture another road 
From the dread of war not into the hand taking place a unstable hand and
View that time replaced and tore away in another short history that held
War at bay the absence of war finds two distance features uncommitted 
And committed the uncommitted live in another dimension the committed
In a greater sense to those numbers lay beneath the earths red brown and
Green acres some with cross and rose 🌹 others in burnt condition near
To one space on earth a place to keep away from or a turn to neighbors 
A wider misfortune cemeteries on earth holding on to the living and dead
Both in respect but as the world sees this it reshapes it’s tools arguments 
The sun cast its light on the earth seeing this it has moved away from the
Earth by millions of miles inside the solar path and orbit almost as it does
Not want to dwell by reason of its storm caught in time time has no wine
And cup not uplifted but blood even that now up in the air time a prisoner 
Of ignorant men and woman writing the future in arms length it matters
Because it can reach out touch everyone some have escaped it’s terror for
Time that’s in place waiting the witty the will becomes the less generous 
Reads the will and epithets maybe all of tomorrow’s crumble walls lay in
Mornings litter.


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