Writing on the wall from early days of July.

The boats that landed on the lands water
Edge of the country now called America
Grew in size and division as I note write
Publicly to the chief of station inquiry in
Leaving other earlier pages in a darkened 
Scribbled manuscript yesterday I in that
Intake sought to help myself from a fever 
Caused by one of the  many pandemics 
Raging America in simple terms before 
Of its domain cancer I have since come
To think everything that crossed the range
Of time and distant hills challenges any 
Independent decision is communism and
Leaves blank archeological square rounded
To vertical reason world burial within and
Before and after my point challenges belief
Prevails where the history is another view
Where in time did this humanity beg on or
The modern age I perceive is in the stanza 
Of greater peril a war to end wars where the
Path will take on a nuclear winter not under
Necessitating a nuclear war in which case 
There is no answer but beneath the ice age
Which may follow the tunnels of such secret
Where the smallest plants given fruit a bit of
Salvation and time to resolve the final course
The living will not lay in comfort or be seen
This all being said another Russian Roulette 
Or a few initials as AI either time doesn't see
Or care and will not explain itself because its 
Voices too illegitimate the only way to capture 
The past is not to commit the errors of the past
One man one vote is a prevailing direction and
Inherent out of control where I came in and of
The boat with clean slate would been yesterday
Were the bouquets intended went to hell another
In a other simplicity didn’t cover our backs we
Went on to this July date of inclusion in noting 
The road is red for many the course redden wait
Without salient rule or matching stripes because
I am not the voice of reason behind or ahead of
The world 🌎 in turmoil.
Many years before there were walls of vertical 
Interest called sky scrappers were built from the
Drawing boards to finish took a near quarter of
A century of time in our standard from the draft
Board more or less clearly not up in quick time
Or can be said quickly down in a few hours or
Moments in time. My day off from work was to
Coincide with my birthday but just before it was
Changed to September 11 where my brothers wife
Called me come upstairs and told me a airplane  had
Crashed into one of the twin towers where history
Began changing before my eyes the day after on 9/12
My work hours were changed to pushing carts all day
At the store I worked indifferent hours were scheduled 
So I changed my ware to shorts and mask two things
Different and the day proceeded with darken clouds
Passing overhead a rare story both in belief one of
Passing history but the photos that came out of the
Vertical jump board are of historical reference having
No bounds of both cause and effect a couple of box 
Cutters changed the world and America from vigil
To patriot's law which became the law of the land.
The writing on the wall, the crack in that wall allowed
Some conformity the snake that left the tree to lie in wait
Breaks the thought of rule laid down by early chisel stone
Such things are not polite to mention because it calls to
Another time not uplifting to change the seas beyond have
Kept secret the course of humanities step chiseled to fall
Engulfed not to say all are in that deep well but only a few
Of that day laid not submerged into time or the doom what
Came which in history’s terms called for change the others
Issue what brought down or covered the ancient walls left
A earmark on the high point you can believe foul play has
No limit the world has moved to colder times or waters you
Want to perceive to be or single account to follow the earths
Step in a cold departure from a eviler contempt to bringing 
From hell released souls or some still a green apple in hand
Upholding ancients rule the wait will be in tomorrows sails
A cold ignorance or call to same another sea in doubt that
All past walls could not contain are broken into parts from
Outside judgements the once perfect place now a place of
Fear another coming which is the writing on the wall where
The other world rings in their outlook from higher grounds
The sight beyond the other earth called Zion.


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