Environment Plaza.

All the prune face leaders now meet more often
Because of the changing skies and water tables
Man and animal explore the features of the caves within
Where it’s new dwellings are New Mexico Nevada
A cold wall has emerged and light within flickers beneath
The finished meal 🥘 of bread and drink
So the western concourse is fill of smoke
Animals seeking out their salvation flee afar
I do think it is not a natural event but for
Nature in the hands of robotic aliens with lasers
As more often said where the rubber meets the road
Or all roads lead down from the mountainside and East
The unchallenged and outreaching realism
Only a child can fathom and all the 🌎 children in toe too
A new direction remain the same to richer or poorer
Only the mail now in hand in secret is read
About UFO,s Real and are eagles.


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