Our Daily Briefings.

 My opinion and as such it is not share by the world
Our Star Wars thoughts once often mentioned 
Are not complete or signifying the direction and S/A goal
Earth 🌎 in the cuff of the Milky-Ways edge
Spaces sciences sent out through the solar system 
Well like that great voyage of Voyager leaving the solar system 
Listening for the pings it’s space business and charting its course
The other wonderful news is that the Space Force being built
Will be the United States new space prodigy to build upon
With prayers it will go well throughout the decade and century 
My belief things will go well irregardless of the meteorites 
Buzzing the earth and breaking our and our neighbors windows
Those kind of things can be replaced the world can’t be
Sci-fi or not it cannot be replaced the good will always prevail 
May take some time to recognize but with each new generation 
Our state will improve, thank you, your sci-writer.


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