We are sending bills to vote on
As Americans cross the line of hunger
Waiting in line to be treated for the most hideous illness
Brought about by as I believe a different origin
Or where from in space it came and likely as we watched
The passing a long body of stone between earth and sun
Of compressed hydrogen and things of space matter
The Spanish flu around the time of World War One 
Has all the marking of a repeat performance
The problem as I see is being duplicated again
To have taken action on its path across earths solar system 
With a guided rocket of sort to destroy its sun earth 🌍  orbit
If is correct and complicated compressed hydrogen properties 
It could have exploded into a fireball creating a tsunami flash fire
Reaching earth burning up our oxygen setting forest fires on earth
The belief I have it is as though it was created in outer space somewhere
Greatly weakening human habitat on 🌎 earth
We must move to save our planet from the destruction 
Of death caused by this change and reasoning if I can interdict 
Was just to examine the virus if that is correct is my opinion
Is that it escaped from the laboratory and infected the area
But if it was here before compounding a problem already
Like clouds drinking the human nitrogen 
This may jumped started the coronavirus invasion 
Is it a intelligent format created in outer space 
Accident or design it is at the knifes edge
In terms of our societies and nations.



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