2 1/2 Highway Lanes

Outside of the box one a cathedral other desert
The desert to roam and quiver like a snake 
The cathedral a conga of snakes and bats
If let to roam until the two hungers abet 
Will into the night bare witness to each
In a agonizing dance of the song of Mars
That doesn’t end when the curtain is drawn 
Until then the mystery remains in deep state
Keeping its secrets in lock rock upon rock
The secret state seen by another in search
What NASA finds reveal recover questionable 
Or reasonable to think science to build on beliefs
Questions of extraterrestrial life predatory nature 
Reveal given all the cave like stone crevices wells
Little sandy wiggles and night inside the rock 
The dark side eyes that see into the night or more
That can see but are the very edge of night.



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