Chicken or the egg.

The earliest sketches on stone go back a long time
The Egyptian lion is a good example of man’s rule
By strength of power but disappeared under sand
Longest hour strength and fear coupled crucifixion 
Ran the sandy rocked earth was lost given remained
What was said then about UFO,s the watchers keepers
Of what little people the story about giants made up
Today the small and big have the broom and pan sweep
What became of the broken or remnants of the church
Are kept in a thousand museums of archeological records
From earlier history of their records from tools and rocks
Is there something more being by retaining and recording
It to a part of history where the Martians came in and left
But the rock was kept
So where were they and now inside a great hill rock or rut
Remnants of their presence except for the great stone pressed
Perfectly chiseled and have stood for centuries or where
The road came to a end change and tension forfeited be that
Where at the worlds peace lit the way and spoke of just joy
For a new chisel and stone to teach the dumb and naked.



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