The Dark times in Sci,fi

The diminuation of the suns changing facade both here and above
That other being Proxima Centauri brought about a great interest
The breakdown of color caused by a slow outer long burn or meteorite
Of iron burning up and out in striking the sun in some similar supposition 
As to our, This Earths Sun just a guess but another is, The study of red suns
By other factors, ours sun and theirs, Proxima Centauri, this study the dying 
And aging of suns the outer parameters are? looking at traces of weapons research?
By studying the outer small red sun, Proxima Centauri, for fingerprints and solar changes
Nuclear research should look beyond our world a fast moving planet will create the glass tube
But privately can do bringing your lunch box saves steps where wealth is continuum or host
Just guessing the age of this distant planets and suns age are billions of years older than here
So you begin by checking all the squares identical or near to similar a identical generated idea
In a crazy fictional setting “we got your message, burnt the, R.A.N.”Waste, is a two way mirror
Or old Indian smoke signal trick to the Telly tube, say buffalo meaning food and warmth beset
But that’s not the story it’s one space conspiracy one world near to their sun to another’s sun
Meaning secret languages and doing things showing interest and well planned intent or the study of
Nuclear testing and wars of this nature how else do I interpret this add to this keeping radio signals
From space very private well when you are caught and mention, not important-perhaps so
But somewhere the web exists no hero’s just the other side and the dark side I see both
But bring in a different stanza the Bible predicts a end but as in the Bible world without end amen
Jesus Christ the name in part given by the Catholic Churches of Saints and Popes
Was a Jew a Prophet a Saint and Holy Saint but not God the Church gave Jesus
Greater emphasis to Heavens God than true But as all our greatness is spelled out
And it’s terms are called into being the basic tenant of the law fought against crucifixions 
And that road took many turns but has led to here but the tongues are now much different
All our tongues differ to some respect then as I slip out of my stories I see a darken cloud
A pandemic about the Earth our colors and many others are standing against this evil
Two things our faiths will win out and social well being will win out but not without fault
The nation to remain steadfast in Virgil.