Nock and Nail my opinion.

Outer space I write comes with the job nock and nail
So the rain and fire sweeping the world is cause for great concern
And my concern reaches well into space from my soap box of discussions 
I don’t believe you can isolate planetary plagues putting your heads in this
For answers and bring about cures for relief against illness death our wellness
Just that every century something of the kind runs the course and social direction
Well polio was a dreaded illness who’s to say it will return to disease young people
Looking back to the Spanish Flu a lot more people died I believe a river of mirrors
This uncharacteristic evil is a bad spin of nature or as I kinda believe or stuck with
The idea looking at the stars from a western advantage because of the stars patterns 
Charts the positions of Gulf Stream like space rivers of the Milky Way carrying viruses 
A shy line of stars forever on may just bring the many pandemics Earth has contended
Hubble and it’s scientists state the earth is what and where the cuff of the Milky Way is
The very outer part of the Milky Way is of course planets presumed and numerous points
And should be serious discussions investigating or postulating similar cause and effect
So let’s call it a Gulf Stream part of a Galaxy having a orbit and lots germs I kinda suspect 
Or another parody for the sake of brevity Haley’s Comet adding more woe and thought
Almost all Galaxies stars and worlds orbit largely in outer space-time too I guess but there
Are no grandfather clocks in space unless we make it so out of scientific inquiry interests
Because of the positioning I allude to we are a part of the space gulfs streams and disease
Where it may carry disease likely with for whatever reasons and yesterdays changes made
They the industry’s magnets need to create new, “readings instruments wave the flag creating
Anti micro viral bodies to block the viruses, seems their saying , like shape shifters need to be
Controlled destroyed a bit at a times moment because it has a master virus 🦠 of evil genius 
Don’t forget the closest star other than our sun this other star has three stars in a straight line
Difficult to examine to make a correct opinion and other suspicions from our planet 🌎 
The villain not yet certain but it’s not our planet of people places and biological differences 
But we all can be in the wrong my proposition is it is a accident prone area what goes on above
Stays above robotics building space stations or monkey bars like the international space station
I think to state my views in these areas I note here nor would I commit yours or mine
Specifically steps to take giving as I believe they whatever are stepping all over our reign.
Just that this other part of space has a clear accidental history you might want to keep away from.

Daniel A McMahon 


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