Outside the pen.

Deep pockets the coin flip sink holes the Bit Coin
The worse of these worlds is a unsettled vision 
Sometimes it is prophecies other times the weather
The rain can cause lakeside evil over takes the street
Our liberty down ways the blue course seen over brook
Beneath the walkway the darken sky’s evil is swept by
Touching the lives of all given that to our fat cells studied
Offer a discrimination we must watch out for, the Omicron 
Secondary virus following covid-19 even bees are floundering 
That research is or should be number one to concern us about
Not the red boats arriving with a prehistoric virus is the given 
If the original virus called COVID-19, was a clinger of debris 
Orbiting piggybacking through our solar system at rocket speed
A redundant story is this evil rain seeking to find and destroy our
way just understood. I think the scientist are buzzing about this.
There are about a million rocks flying through the solar system.
The space force is going to one day take up the slack and break
The Bank.


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