Roller Coaster.

For many it’s a roller coaster ride 
War and clearly the worlds recent worse
Seasonable climate change to hold our dreams
The dreaming has become the last of the things
We want in our lives to replace with lost realities 
War water wisdom are the three issues swept beneath
Away from our jurisdiction and water over everything 
Much ado about this human crisis and ecological disaster 
The debris is everywhere north and south a dividing line
Only the high points are safe the winds rain a true shame
War over many the direction is muddled by conflicting views
The world is struggling wars hunger and the weathers decline
Producing less needed bread and essentials available food lines
What was just above the waterline now has because of the drought 
A beacon to what is taking place seems uncalled summers downfall
Flash flooding and hot dry weather is the monkey story no tree safety 
Life is a roller coaster things that don’t work become like the abandon 
Rusted roller coaster having no direction eking in late noticeable distance
The muskets are near to the warnings prescribed by our fears of tomorrows 
Generations and hope why we must change even pockets.


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