The Shadowed Capital raising the roof.

It remains to be seen if raising the roof
What went on becomes a true legacy 
Of our written spoken nations constitution 
But the front of this carry joint resolutions
In all it’s mentioned studies origins of life
Inclusive to what is being believed written
Yesterdays billing brought no clear decision 
Given we returned from abortions to civility
The commotions are high the drawing line
No to tar and feathering but reality was that
However as I have previously wrote in my
Google Blogger where I sketch and publish
My writings adding just a little sci, fi fantasy 
In plural I notice a national like imagery seen
Coming across the rio grand and bused other
Sorta think seeing the physicality in response 
The cavity of defense not because of size or
Otherwise a sink hole where everything goes 
Sometimes comes the tax collectors grinning
I perceive redevelopment of a strong fit shield
UFO,s have secret groups saying not important
I believe it may be the worse of the worse that
Because encompassing all of us it’s challenging 
Math never ends it just changes to reemit anew
I am a dreamer even that can mean prisoner to
Take on new life ask for a sum greater than given
As others do believe differently my interest set
Study the UFO,s connection that should also be
Where it began and went water over the road too
The UFO,s road to success may begin with you.


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