Flat Earth Tales, satire apart from being a Parody.

If the flat Earth thinkers correct 
Believing that the Earth is flat
So the grass grows on both sides
Of a flat Earth think about that
Both cases it grows up to the sky
Giving the arguments clear point
Like a egg rounded and to the point
In certain circles your asked if you
Want the Pennie’s back in exchange 
This gives importance to the belief 
That money rules the world it said
Like a nest egg that’s understood 
Kinda round see my point if both
Upper and lower surfaces or via via
Went their ways like magic carpets
But curled up and became two flat
Worlds who’s carpet ride to Mars
Becomes a new citadel and holy belief
Well on the assignments chart re/soldering 
Mars with green flats or greener fields 
Still harder the whole thing has possibilities 
Don’t leave earth for the flat earth societies 
Because they will argue against becoming as
Involved in space travel and settlement what
Generally developed when a two sect society
World takes or has varying views even to Gods
Hand in creation where good and evil Hades to
Heaven but a flat earth worlds of wills entwined
A century in times hibernation a earth really flat
Seen by world travelers that brought the three wise
Across the earths many roads and crossings on to
The soil on top of the upper world only now wonder 
Remains the flat earths ministerial bubbles bursting 
Began issuing legible goods and sales receipts from
The darken days no side was any less important than
Given the “Telly, that kept them above or below 
In touch even though a long secret was out the water
Was dripping away.
The philosophy in the first stone roads 
Copied the last mention of its kings who that way over
Through the dark passages leading the underworld of 
Born flat earth society and brought to surface its mana 
The stone gifts of the flat earth society held out terms
Rock of age immortality grass growing up and etc so
It being a two sided situation moss grass growing same
Supports a flat earth conspiracy but grass must have roots
The possibilities caves winding through one nation beyond
Those nations drawing into conclusions even space travel 
Meeting of the minds caves winding in this world traveled
Why so the lead now becomes fixed in time we’re taken to
Beliefs in stranger times it remains to be seen believed out
Did the flat earth society have access the divide the billings
Finger pointing came the winding web or mail job reading
Which a taboo unless you have the mathematical culprit ugh
In flat earth society what being said seen remains spotlighted
Raising the ante that does it matter which grasses I prefer.
The philosophy of the first stone roads copied the last mention
Of its kings who went that way on over thru the dark passes
Leading to the underworld born flat earth society releasing its
Call on coming from dark to light or other the flat earth tales
Denies brought to surface the stone gifts held out in their hands
The rock of age of immortality the varying stones leading from
The flat earth societies contain the golden rituals of speech and
Wear the things in darken containers were taken and speaks for
Itself that grass grown between ledges doesn’t fit between the
Minds role or caves winding and just extending the flat earth on
Why so the lead now becomes fixed in time the place in ernest 
Belief through stranger days remains to be seen believed or did
Not have access of the divide or the stone billings finger pointing 
Thus came the winding web or mail reading which is taboo unless
You have a mathematical culprit addressing the flat earth society
Raising the ante does it matter which grasses I prefer to the other
The great influenced test to time is the reign of small released pink
Bubbles vote for the best it reads bursting to the applause raining
Down confetti green buttons and bows this is how we came went
Actually not for the record the line points to the dark door enter a
candle light host exit and enter the world on course even to hunger
Run the pandemic striking its course the mix health now increases 
Or wither and curl late fallen leaves of fall on the stones path ways
Where we stand and lie souls near to our earth remaining all the day
Some matters are not for sale the rams horn the later telly memories
Our sleep saw the route the darkest of caves lit by bulb sticks stone
The tiny stones a path being laid left to rebuild and shine its lights
Along the Stoney path where the many beliefs came and went on to
Rebuild and shine its lights I came upon dark and requested light
And light that came upon the earth and self came with family but
For a long period in history naked dirty man woman made way to
The windows in light remaking the moments of history of the sects
From the flat earth tales
Now calling lunch and finger food 
A visit to KUBUKI Street
The rocks moved by the shore and rose
A darken calling birds and whales seals seas
All inside the window box on KUBUKI Street
The magic that spoke briefly came about within
The moving things by none else that very master
Of light and dark is the Devil KUBUKI in robe
And symbol white to you black to me and so the
Window closed and all withdrew what came left
With some they fell down and into a well the risk 
Stopped by NASA amazing 
Sci fi fantasy in a bigger box than mine, Omniscient 
Thats because I have only a inverted apple of sort
But a writing instrument it reigns a bit more supreme 
Than the upper children becoming, “Space Force One”
A issue I raised is to look at equality in space rovers
They run out of solar fuel and get stuck in the mud
However awful they lost one because of power, two
NASA needs to understand the human side of things
Has to look at the weather vanes and use A.I. what
Works and doesn’t to combined research and costs
Look at the science achievement of the plastic gun
It now makes tricycles and bigger things put it into
A big box on the sands of Mars and by the time astro
Nautical walks about it could build an astronaut igloo.
On the way back the rivers of time
A plan as good as any I thought reached out seen
Earlier “WOW” a radio signal emanating or imitating 
From the constellation Sagittarius after which much ado
Was made it came and went in a wide lateral arrangement
The message or radio signals research clarified its actions
It’s furthers point like a comet widened in its tail becoming
A triangle in search of Gods kingdoms in search of all of you
Against the winds of time rather it isn’t explained any clearer
Than mine or world a wit with something old new and said
Came the new play on the plains to private contractors being
That which uncovered it.
“ASAP” The triangle of sort is still in search
The first of many that will be uncovered 
Not the same as active radio lines in regular use
A dominant radio signal with active receptors,
“A Ode” to the awaking of communications, 
Leonid cast a line to the waters past the sun
Where hid its refrain thought of inquiring eyes
A bad run of luck rule watch the messenger search
The gates it came and went are holier than thou
Leonid thou art in waiting the rule of the laws 
Your ancient quell was the Hammer and Sickle.
The space centers thrilling watching 
Humpty and Dumpty statues being taken down
In unnoticeable unlit shade of parks darken places
But not without the stain of com-du fate dumping
The new lead following another day developed 
Non other than highways of NASA research and
Look into Heaven from thence we came and are
No fox holes caves to examine or journal trays
Photoshopping and photo making are delirious 
Developed upside toads hoping hole to hole sees
A cardboard hand signed says it all must bring new
Jumping spring shoes or a good cane recalling bumps
Earlier feats but to hold the ticket ride to the moon
One passed red was mentioned the other blue not
Canned none other that will change the direction 
Three is bad luck of things legal for two?
But not three parties on a ballot, don’t ask don’t say
We don’t exist the whale before the water dried up
And left the newspapers wretched to see the truth
More often than less the real primp is just a bump
Meteorites comets rocky edges of egress the exit
Give leave from its circle or call it Circes printout
Rocky ledges orbiting many countries from above 
Challenging the doorways past but a interesting 
Show unless all becomes silence is unclear to me
If you can’t see it but for its last or that views
Lasting effect, 
Indian Dancing Scouting my preamble
Dancing till the dunes return fair weather friends
Showed their taste for fowl feed and feather catchup 
The dance of corn archers bow sent beyond the skylines 
The arrow I shot from beneath the green growing canopy 
Little red long fingers of brown stretching into outer blue
Red foxes running the leopard in pursuit speaking Spanish 
Be involved and catch the devils breath whom I am sent bit
Of news about.
The free reports cast a shadow of thought
I don’t have any issue with seeing facts, facts and figures
Leading to your interest in the BLOG I pinned I am aware
I see a pleasing interest in numbers of readers come my way
That my poetic license sci fi, fantasy, I plot my religious course
Or may be said, interdictions and UFO,s afar ideas written down
It can be said the minds selected belief not apologizing for them
Don’t always see the same point rather that, the wheel was invented
Before the cart or axel as thought the axel first from the spear or stick
Slavery is noted in the cause of change 
Referring to the roped steer being brought down  
The street rage from atop of the aged crown and celeb metal cast
Taken from life’s central core to another’s reimagined parts press
From early and later played a part in mankind’s struggling direction
This has a mirror look in time what we came from with what winds
Carried in us is the belief our sentinels life’s secret mastery the pins
That put the wild naked club carrying ancestor pull or raise its own
The fingerprint of the past pyramids built with water and stone still
Remain the past does not dispel all what happened here and there is
A dangerous spot game where loss and gain become worlds edge,
Writing in my almanac,
With my cane and cause 
I see the rushing whirlpools waters 
Over the many stones around the laws
Moments and goals that are made shorter
In the winds commands reason the sunlight
By regal hold or regalia either way to become 
In broader context wait the season be more bright 
Remember to read the calendar for shorter days done
A walk through earlier memories
Scout to scout it led to carrot tops bottoms
Green and orange rabbit food wooded and ware
Came to stare lunch grassy plains beneath shaded trees
Of aging difference the role of Rabbit sometimes stew
The other ragtime express small notice but was named
In a run won across the road sugar coated candy blows
Away the magic given eagles and hawks to cling on to
The nesting flappers lunch at the tree tops little emotions 
Screeching out its baby cries the other brings to court
The catch and hold the moments of hunger and feed.
I saw a little beyond the doors of lives being made late
Spring is never on time broad as it may seem undeniable 
It built another encampment led the fall of the wall around
Then I think it been better than not total of freedoms wall 
Coming down rock and tongue the edge of dawn by rail.
Erosion of Trust.
The issue of military shortness is been a problem
Something’s are not in celebration is the real bandage
That bandage is your loss or their stick where in time
You lie still with stick in hand as seen in stone written
Rough shod written in hells issues earth name sojourn 
Or your pent up nature anger stilled the trees little course 
After the tree fell on rather it burst upon the scene souls
Believed in trees reincarnation others the course in history
To emerge interest being followed the pen and the wheel
In darken ends the sails of thought lead the wooded frame
Away from port grains basking in the last trice bell in hands
Chain-male age of separation church state that may leave all
In uncertain limbo name and day it rained thunder the other
Head and hand became noted but spoken not for knife’s edge 
Or ado in lieu of histories stain slavery the newest to canes wit
But comes with baggage the rock Gods of chips plunder becomes
Greater owning to earthly peers early stone to spears light archery 
The shields of spring have falling in the oceans tides come and go
Not shrinking or shrugging the ends to this weaving tales making
Into threads became a life time of “Rome and Russia” 
Tweets and Tweets pavilions a half a world away floated on by 
Pulled the peekaboo letter of note from the bottle elbow in ribs
Love in paradise beyond this worlds french funny book dilemma 
Sing along in Twitter song to free Twitter Bird from the walled fray
In about a quarter of the time you can add all your ideas cataloging 
But a older one is in the wings out of a earlier one said pinged a bit
And begins the begin pen to paper the bidding war of history told
Unprotected and bent the worlds other desk becoming the strength 
It bent back and broke the way seldom without pain and direction 
You in upright liken to the great tree where goes thou name respelled 
In heart drawn include always
The resounding triumphant beat of Caesars drums
Of course time neglected to proclaim the upheld crown and leafs
Bearing golden permanence of importance still all that having endured 
Through a great measure of time like a sundial reflecting outer smooth
Curvatures or imaginable golden fray things of gold touching becoming
English hands in web affairs finding and differing of languages to some
This the other order of Robed Lords and unlikely leaders still a triumph 
Mystery in a shrouded race
The trees
Let’s put in perspective the snake mask came first 
We see this as we study art in history a reluctant hand to part the snakes 
Path so as we climb ever more beyond our reach of green and blue
Brown and grey canopy and islands sparkling gems coming into foliage 
The one size ran its ware from the webs story other went the snakes way
Or cast an unequal glance about your cast and scars.
Sci fi fantasy 
The chip maker provides a direction lined
With money and smarts pencils and pens
My most serious problematic thought without
Penning a sew of mathematical scribbled ideas
I know not the truth the lie more cruel to think
To turn the sand into thin silvered stone barrels 
Pressing the barrels into bizarre units other shapes
To prefabricated units on Mars through osmosis or
Meaning sand into a hardened pressed sheet rock
Than a A.I. facet aim to assemble everything done
Thin steel like paper crochet the window project 
Wall and doors connect the outer door walkway 
My ideas are a bit away it is more a logistical plum
How to adhere sand into,“Sanded Shelving, building
White Paper Dolls.
The darken history or White Paper Hand in reaching out
A spread like fruited coat shared the tale of love and joy
The sales pictures reach out much the same as said story 
Or leave a note that is betraying the guests or home rule 
The security blanket lay to the floor near to the outreach’s 
Whitened mail the trouble woes seen from the desk photo
Held by union and unions friendship to reach the caravans 
Came the curb to press the pass the path arises seeing both
The paper/tiger weaved wavering joint and resolution paper 
The paper hawking rainy pictures are spoken seriously.
Leaving KUBUKI Street.




Daniel A McMahon 


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