The State of our Politics going away.

It began with a odd wind
Some remnants remained unchanged
Such the two roles later became taken beyond
Have been repainted to appear not of hungers want
The other of tables distance in between the just fall
The call to more chatter in splendor sat up the toys
Village on the edge near to the cakes reach where
The reason that came change or the hungry hands
Was political head ons as are often than less notice
The gold diggers the floods now moved to examine 
The results views and this trusted account in rears 
We must be certain in response to the effigy ridiculed 
Or the voice of assurance this is how it began or the
Start at the beginning of course a lie little off center
Fact the leaderships are in a coverup of who’s on first
Pay to play leadership making a pledge yours to follow
The state of the politics becomes the pledge lies truths
One worse than the other there is none less crunching
To political fame than to fall and hunger to remain seen
In the air replacing your state of politics.


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