Yesterdays Rain.

Fell upon the fields of amber orange and red
Earthen dark dams of blue fallen curled leaf
Into the suns drastic recovery returning life
Back into fold some never to open into grain
But rest in sober fields to become a chin strap
Things being swept into nights edge the knife
Asleep at the wheel far flung the thoughts and 
Direction argue who’s text bring bread before 
The waters wane its goods domes and domes
Fingers point to yesterdays rain being the bread 
Storms life replenishing nutrients draped onto
Welcomed by darken earth storms which bring
Gold to marriage why in distant does the bell
Ring of council by the crown and cross judged
By not peace or tables many runners that came
Think about right to wrong most famous incident
Pay to play what I cannot dismiss is the first boat
After the fall but many fields are left to add in count 
The only wheel still with rungs remain in memory
And outreach hunger.


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