Best and worse.

Enter the tree of pink petals
The branded fall on to your
Little shadow of days begin
Days long and days done to
Days undone long and short
Crossed my silly dial still I 
Ponder the will of chide and
Persuasion to other clasped 
Leaders in varying directions 
We’re their obsession known
The search to where fallen our
Patriots pen or freedom in one
Hand the other burst the peril
Reaching down and out gaining 
The only treasure left to cheer
Or call the ending dare think once 
A thing back home bit odd seems 
By guard and gruel tone spoken
The wooden features worry time
The name still clearly says a thing
Something else so not mentioned 
I select legend and meat in mouth
High the green wood pristine lifts
Wines of lower grapes clear the bar
Bring the roaring clearest or rum
Of English pubs of tales begun in
Lower caves the waiting games on
The storms that called the sea to land 
That turned to white brought to naught 
Stayed none the night keep but brave on
The year in toe first to last the race said
Rang on years range of thought to books
Of best to worse still exist shelf to nose.


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