As time progresses so does Kubuki wall
Dark shadows move in escapade about
Having left to lead the cause and call
Across the deserts rainy day without
The pick of the suns reruns peeking in
The story stays within the walls charm
It walked it ran and fell on and within
The locked steps to nine roads and farms
Those precepts lead richer banks to fall
There the seas changed smashing hard 
To the rocky shore the ugly maidens birth
Fair and fowl to witch play Irish folk law
More folk than law which cast a shadow
Over all looked from the suns waving on
By brightest leave in plain sense because
The night of the sin becoming distant thing
Or rather darken cast over the east of ports
Said of May wish were brighter this June.
Borgata baloney roll
Some little fortune cookie tea found notice
With the strange lunch began circulating 
Fried fresh baloney on a roll it is delicious 
Before and after lunch with a pickle thing is
The public gambit nickel saved tax gained
All the evidence shades the poor not fit for
Rich en road political framework a gimmick
Not a thing against hungers rule borgata roll
The world changes at times end seasons come
Go and become judge jury punch Judy lairs.
Two columns of numbers creating straw votes
One column is of small deniers smaller most
The sum of two columns increase decrease in
Natural performances of sickness in deniers
The increase in numbers to that of fallen off
The columns are the facts of the unvaccinated 
Those of other persuasions have higher peaks
And fallen offs then the roles are V and U no X
Note some studies indicate a reverse to score 0
Younger testing results were down cost & cause
Numbers don’t lie but their propensity can alter
Reach beyond the blue line the protected finish
Of denier and protected claim none amore there
Because there is a reality in caucus standing for
The group that stands out in greater standings 
But the numbers are challenging unreal to see
The later truths


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