The clone wars unsettled.

Guessing at the looks and actions of A.I. 
Implying a line to giving away its ambiance 
Before they became the denied fall of dominos
The first mention wrote a poem about a curious fish
Jumping for joy with only three images repeatedly made
Branded the following wallpaper and white windowed panes
Noses lined up beyond the stories sight in the fast lane impending 
Mindless followers fallout of cap and gown on a board of shelf lie
To right quiet all quiet head start at the beginning three clear beads
Clone into barreling lines inverting pressure trick hope of last wars
The board has become a knob then a still dotting thing in a final line
March known in little more than winters last fling now abridges past
The long line and play the chance at Rugby last to first the cagey line
Becomes all in a single ring or the run of the mix of clones in march
The way to imagine manuscript secrets is to watch its roll in the wind
To become a place in waiting began the clone wars two clones amiss
Opposite views and directions odd even redividing but following that
Beyond the raised sword cloned arm becoming hand above the tide of
Public opinion and march to the meeting and presiding opinions in step
Or marching making goodbyes and hellos in the steps forward and back
This is the early waring clones not met but the clone change becomes bit
Of chance and rule hosted by the other roads end a red herring row in lay
The dotted line a clear band aligning clone rival features in the secret wars 
Just beyond the spies light darkest tunnels in springs other nuance or sleep
Be it at time and place late from another direction or dimension making a 
Bermuda passage possible upheld till the angry rain unsettled cause delay.
FootBall Yarns,
Eighty Yards the footballers carried the men in songs to victory over
The seedy run away what brought back, look a Chinese wok, this be the
Bowl and bet something from the old country masonry times best loom
To pitch catch carried are and spun near to the flat earth in summers bloom
Always it seems to be growing in charm.

To e continued,
( C )
Daniel A McMahon 



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