Our Discourse.

Were we ever the men and woman who herald wings
What became of our discourse was the talk of the time  
The greatness steals from the glare of the plate still life
Reaching into other lands and on to finished wine spills
The life of the party partly obscured by the breakfast roll
Neglecting to add cream is lessening the swirling madness
That’s greets the day unseats nights the distribution to vote
The fairness in itself held no candle to any of you in its light
Well because it didn’t pass the beans, the story I began with
What became of it, the study now reveals will write as I tell
A different story.
The Church’s Door after leaving services 
From my Pew of thee you came retaught 
Reaching out across the way of stage extras
Where being free in a hub of hope arrives late 
Basking storms wake sit out in lands called Holy
In part to life’s dreams relived in life redirected or
Reborn as measured by AI to where in time it yields 
Calling to life above the cliffs save the whales and seas
Little oil lamps like early Eskimos come what may come
Is change and changing what may come and change now.
Behind the weathered door
Enter the room or thru the door exit and enter willingly 
Is told by the map on the wall the chalk on the board
Erasing the square root example for its class discussion 
The next thing rings rushing to near door well enough 
Holding up the change to the sci, inquiry algebraic math
The last board has become the next thing in discussion 
The sun of course is our lifting rainbow life near and far
It is the whole of the year in some manner return normal 
The beginning brighting up we hope.


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