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Conflict is a worlds loss or gain
I see all the pieces never to recede
But remain greying in shames place
Broken wheels of progress in depth
Bring about but for the ripple of time
Seen through where the world inside
Written about wrote to the other world
Still good came to be a prized pen exit 
The things that others believed in hand
Exist or in the culmination of life’s stand
Yesterdays Monet the latter hills of white
Grey images peril the telescope life began
But it fell between foot time and mankind 
Through fingers lifting out the soiled earth
Conflict is as serious as poison ivy to touch
A blemish of pain raised by the noses reach
Tables edge shoeless beneath a perfect seed
Not run amok a dish in hand of huckleberries 
The horn of plenty narrow at birth wide to be
The suns of time contain at the origin closure
Liken I’ll fated chivalry light land home awaken
I noticed a triangle narrow from frozen not stilled
The distant place wide at ends search points about
Many articles from yesterday remain for all reading
The parents came and went on yesterday thinking not
The season early names now nemesis caught between
A rock and hard place you may have saw or recalled 
Such talk even to Gettysburg and Lincoln’s last train
Maybe so I am not at Lincolns Lenin’s or Kennedys 
Stone memorial and looking south and west I see more
The idea Plymouth Rock and Washington are the roads
From the last of kindly Kings the invention of medicine 
The light bulb from reading writing by candle in the dark 
Talking by Telly is just a few changes I notice the other is
America under change challenge the door to success noted
To Americas reaching out from the port and picturesque life
Reason to write about but rule one the many or all wins
I noted the Martians are likely behind the globe debate 
of a spinning globe all over the place in the tempting sky
varies in color size and shape one thing for sure it spins
spinning globes aircraft are reporting a spinning type craft
A flashlight conspiracy is the best one challenge the wit 
Join the line for I wrote on the costal walls sand and rough
Lay in darken recess wait where it’s motion fills in darken
Ridges and bays beneath the waves and seas welcome kit
The findings the wall along the bay runs red from clay and
Picture empty of meaning but for the remembrance gathered
Such in many tongues each spoke at the gathering of the day
Sandel swords the conspiracy against time.
As I read from the green ashes grown in better conditions
The one perfectly the muse touched and placed curled up
To grow in many languages later and kept the thought alive
The ray which in that mathematical code this ray of the sun
Changed the world some in small part but the science sent aloft
A raining disease and slowly the earths falls from Gods grace
What were those tablets cremated  destroyed by sword and fire
A far decrying idea removal and war come the raccoon smokey
Hiding the secrets of the Incas and others where it grew earthly
The outer fruit near the cores lot the greens diamond fair within
A ganglia outstretching it’s claim to Medusa Mystified the many
The last laugh the raccoons stand upright holding two fingers out
Only that this exists as in archaeology about being another spade
Of earth that they realized and who smoked marijuana dope
Their stone records proclaim this written to the walk on water.
The very irony of satellites that can see under the table or even
Fit the scenario of being under the table drones that don’t have
Leg limits the poor being tread upon weather in or out the door
Leg and left ajar so I add a note to my their surprise Ugg egg
You Got Mail, borrowed from a fictional character buried mail
Basically the same route I seem to recall but the irony takes on
A newer shape, “peek a boo”  can read my social mail sent out
From under the table the best brief came out reread and read
The cross of time remains the cross for others it became behind
Frozen in time over and under the walk beyond the snowy ship 
The place called Earth founded not forgotten in just memories
A place of their rest faith resolve the time allotted given change
The wilder beast by the millions once still clammer and run on
The war is the sum of starvation about the granaries culpability 
The disjointed command finger pointed against the broken wave
Some million upon million years ago age was stilled for beauty 
Now aged with resolve exist and hungers to the course implies
Have back seats to climate change recovery our hands looking
Beyond the calamity of war hunger and climate change but that
Is wrong I believe discriminatory inclusion.



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