Post Paid.

Where anchors go to lie
On the blue bottom instilled 
Along the wavy sand near to
Where the sea shell visitor seen
Other things of note peaked two eyes
Search of unsuspecting little sea delights
Beneath the weathered roll of darken waves 
Schools of round multi colored fishes in search
All have come to eat sparingly and run from birds
That dive and dine come what may begins goes on
In water lands where ships anchored in yonder poems
Lie still unanswered that brings water to surfaces edge
Implies the order the button top side sometimes stranger
Order top to bottom and reverse sound like I make it up?
A earlier note is the tides at anchor sway monkeys chatter
The distant cousins from seas afar brought real from frost
And grim stick and stone the gray mirage where none gave
But from sea to cliffs seas to seas end and cliffs edge in now
Proclaimed under breath end what was the earth’s beginning 
The anchor is a faithful opening of a story leaving you to think
The way it was once belonging to something more road to peace
☮️ The silver long standing ringing echoing the bells call far wide
Still the distant thing restates my changing beliefs bringing to front
Where raised eyebrows are noticed the point early direction liken to
A cross word puzzle that can go the other way at any time given your
Change of thought the road to another direction where a celebration 
Is in the process I do understand writ en legend my made up notes that
Avoid the whale of criticism a new statue without crumpled head ware
Rank and privilege the rise of spear sword and note one is the road to
Permanent peace the other a pointed finger ahead on the fish pole hook
A little red paint from something in interesting color wakes the enemy 
Hungry pursuits, fish of course, yesterdays deals tomorrows throw away
What is the divide of sci fi fantasy and the reality of its other challenges
Such as build back better or better not be wrong return to start with ballot
In hand and pillow at days end because the road they have taken did not
Post a name that stuck in the memory or days end or begun with masked
Shadows and waxed figurines less the place in the sky become a old wise
Tale of bread and water the promise of neither can deliver I see all in same
Light or way it becomes by chance and reel spun out of control reaching 
Were reaching beyond the realm we were post paid.
The fabled return of Washington
The first time glory left the field and went on to the western edge of time
Being the voted preference I rose from my place went to the walled map
Saw redrawn lands one acre by the log fort now the old Paris Boutique 
That brought out the good of life of you in lasting proof your best tails 
But men in other times became the oddity at large none for soda or more
To quench the way through the winter but gave on to the days news spread
Later with a stamped ad hoc making sense the goodness with a hiccup 



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