The Purple and Green Canopy.

The great green trees imaginary givings hand out
Rain fell with purple berries and greener things 
A bit further on I claimed the tree in the shade of
Subterranean stained green hands in purple chains
Lifting out of the dark to forest light the leafy vine
Shifted from the winds gentle flow and push open
The rush of things all about Gods shadow Adams 
Dream Eves tree the appearance of the trees vines 
Enveloping the little port of call times mirroring 
The known numbers of days bring begin once again 
The years late March the missing bring none home
The Church save only one in great belief image cast
No one larger in such reach out the canopy opens
From the dark the light of encampment is night skies 
Day the purple sage deep blue seas cause shadows
Claim to forest greens deep in darken history by other
Than the purple seer.
On visiting the skirted woods 
I noticed a stone path leading back
The darken interior I sought the inner
Sanctuary the perfect idiom of my visit
The colored leafs worlds of that august
Some fell in the winds others swept by
Cast plans blue green summers thunder
Haste the thought a float weaving by in
The winds gentle nodding the direction
I made note of what my footwear was
Light thrice walked along near shadows 
The same can be said beyond the blind
Of what reaches out came about like a
Merry-go-round the reach out is the spin
Of the days watch the positive negative 
How life started and for others in the know
Pot smoking changed some how the rules
Not understood minds little atom the soul
Goes out and meets other in forest alcove
Leafs of trees becoming tiny saplings clone
Coming out the earth looking on to the sky
You saw me not foot away.
The sun down past roadways exit lie and reads
Speak easy ahead, I care not argue this science 
With the split in the roadway George’s Dragon
Lay near to the upturned largest earthy bushes
In real time very little goes unnoticed cameras 
Come and go leaders shouting down with evil
The winged beast driven away by surging battle
Driving the head of the usurper winged evil ends
At the commotion or stage beach leave unnoticed
Where such you lose the keys to the sand castle.
The seventh tent inside the great reindeer gathering
Of a fall from Eskimo to Russia in gathering hides
Tree poles to hold the tent upward watching age old
Custom it appears I think the natural and unnatural
Events of the present day none of course reaching
Into the cold forest snow and ice that doesn’t exist
What happened to the moments near two centuries 
Back a comet struck the Russian forest it left a path
of destruction for miles liken a rush to end your age
Our world is bigger than any comets short comings 
But it is a marked Earth no visitors or archeologists 
It being true for a long time, I introduce the idea
of “sci fi, fantasy” to offer my perception example
Larger or smaller to use, is a contagious upstart seen
It is a interdiction a law like a earlier law that no other
civility rule but levy and send a wooden rivers decline 
or of the funny round objects always on television
I fell from a trees nest of perched owls 
One leg in another out 
The wind held me for now 
I climbed its stairway about down
To stairs end and on looking up
I see little pebbles gold light shine
Peeking at coins and other things
Kept in my pocket fold
For what it may bring
Love springs up made atone 
The picture of romance rings
Before the ring called to phone
Make merry all you kindly kings
Went on to the adult movie house
Saw the silken scarf spot lite dance
The writing that we believe espouse 
The side that brings a present stanza 
We become the age of change and chill



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