The Window.

Children in the window of the train made awful noise 
Sounds of cries ill marching trampled beneath crushed
Darken images rays of classic pain remain in the stay
The living picture the God that left us to enter hell
It’s reasoning with helmet in hand stood by and wrote
What was seen and said about the road to hell lay ahead
The tall tower in the shadows as AI echoed mornings rush
Call to the mourn men woman went beyond the slope views
But ring the bell in hand all is well but the day our tear flowed 
The road beyond time but not out of sight of real time exists
The propagandist at its best the worse of worse than the real
Cracked Mirror of tell all now in notice lie in wait and why
Bring upon reason to mobilize and weaken the risks made 
By ill sighted reason solid state can break rescue AI trapped
behind the wrong door where it began should carry warning 
Stuck in muck of things emerges with the wars goings about
Higher grounds hold need to protect the lower farm rich land
Children of the last brigade came upon the Martian Spyware 
Remain in understandingly unchallenged authority believed
The longest and quickest road to hell and reach had a big X
Don’t enter crossed the road and some fell short not forgotten
The smell of death that poison reached my read pondering this
A Blessing and Baptismal seen in the Churches Authority.



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