On Mars dust storms rage 
That last weeks on end 
Then stillness the final stage
Shine two dudes in the sand
Exiled the breaking silence 
Of any movement will bring 
The opportunity ride the fence
The tour guide A.I. fallen wing
Exiled cries muffled out battery
Levels of darken skies last trans
The sparks of wisdom fail verily 
Render overhead a stilling stanza
The sparks of wisdom cup a rock
Render overhead lighting unkept
Bringing darkness final pit tic tock
Both stopped in my darken empty
Ours was to be a space prospector 
The Great Rover Opportunity study
The look Mars sand and stone bore
A hypothesis of silent exile buddies 
To be continued,
The Broken Code
The little letters on the keys broadly
read 1-9 a-c up and down the key board
Other to messages by older talkie center
Where I put together the last message it
Kept as well as the first which read a bit
“ Return to space, I didn’t go any further 
Because I realized my instinct prevented
A rerun of the question it poised, “bet ya,
I gulped down my coffee and realized at
That moment I wrote down memories of
My life at sea and liberty seeing the wild
A song sung about three stars from above
Skies not powered by silly putty or finger
are seen closest in area and fall of another
a nearest beacon of light the pen points to
The risk of inclusionary politics bare fruit
and tales of the lighted way.
But there is a program on tv having seen it
all about UFO,s and what more are photos 
in this case appears to be brightly lit lights
on fire some kind of circular sun change in
reverse osmosis burning the atmosphere on
the outer side “image against the” mountain
a shaded straight cliff wall as a background
The prescience as I described burning was a
on a t.v. segmented story about UFO,s I was
unaware about the particular viewing site of
The fire capturing its energy for a long flight
Punishment or the period why the long travel
First where it started out came from incognito 
No plan no communication there is not a rule
or root issue to give your charges purple pass
Except the Incas having left the Stone Madrid 
Shadows peak till the next illusion my fingers
feel find the spade of the archeologists daily’s 
Just my opinion at work bon voyage.
The upper or other kingdom
I wrote down a idea
And left behind a note
Here and there I appear
Wings of wax about the moat 
Gorging Godly fortune flowered lily’s 
The run of luck read my noted gamble
Saw behind the luck of red blue out-lay
A road monster of sort behind the rumble
A chaser of darken crows hunger gaming
In wit form the crow and corn stalks a-torn
The road sign in the field presses blending
Turned my luck from red and blue to corn


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