Extra Edition.

I remain also finished a short story of horse betters
Looking thru a veneer hunger to win more choices 
The mystery to gambling what draws you to tracks
A newspaper article front page hello the later sport
Even football has two faces and pages sports visits
Things year round like horse racing mad day cards
for footballers trader Dan see Harry leaving Aaron
coming this the world peeking over the Daly reads
Radio message sale on bets get the favorite runner 
only very special horses of all color and distinction 
return your much anticipated wager return to profit
From the horseplayers outside benches one eye one
Sky appear together the flag race come the Unicorn 
don’t laugh a favorite formidable, “run on the track
Race track business real revolving chance of lanes
Is somehow holding real promise our togetherness 
about UFO,s can view or watch from the bench all
walls removed the flybys and tinkering water fowl 
The changing truth and families rich and poor bets
Gods gesture of love ❤️ is a shining belief spoken
Moment  together forget no one forget me not you
My silhouette chat just another thing phone ringing 
A roller coaster of frills a rehearsal to win refers to 
A age of golden circles like the rings of a great tree 
Come a age un debt it to big to fail
Like Pinocchio and the blue whale 
It ran upon the lands locked rocks
green paper dolls rock bottom fox
The UFO Hunters
One with clear intentions capture the UFO debrief it
With hammers and swords hide it within a cardboard
box to trick it and learn but due to their crooked ways
there is no right or wrong idea just let be and stick the
fly paper inside the box. So now half of the world is
Teething on the dark side and the bright side of day on
The finding is sticky harboring something you cannot 
wash your hands of including differing directions your
map may include as well notations. “ I am a very small 
stamp collector, sometimes stamps come in small units
If I don’t like a order received I can complain publicly 
I also understand Sci-fi and fantasy I write about my-
self inventing the fact first in my classes of astronauts
Space Archeologist where I am now. Recognizing the
pollination from close galaxies and spill off of clinical
Viruses. I wrote home a message carried on in space by
Leonid Meteor shower bouncing radio signals to whom
the message sent was sent by my many intelligence con
The world was once a complete water world as noted by
very early astronauts telescopes of the space industry etc 
other space developments, etc a imperial meteor shower 
The world is now seated to read the fall of the other side
That’s the state of affairs created by milestone critiques 
Notes tied in a rubber band possibly with great care, lies
upon lies my hand out a perfect gesture my shoes scuffed
to public care my world was in a sea of challenges first in
water the specifics becoming this earth later came the dirt
Through the sky creating upper and lower earthy terrains
First water than earth how God reached out to us not too
far from Adams Rib. Other gifted scientists have thought
just that. Water world becoming our earth where we are at
today and where we will be time on.
The triumphant Elephant of the seedy Indians walkway
I came with stick and lead 
You with in hand and deed 
A little mind till the joy of wit take on the run and obey 
Today the languages are in decline renewing outreach
a change the courses of evolution is constant changing
as birds chip and peck lose their nests in rocky edging’s 
Time immemorial I cannot dissuade unable your preach 
as a rule or substitute forgotten past other than ours born
Because of noise regulations is a less bit on posted staves
But the elephants new levels bounds in unchained slaves
B+B= bring bananas, what really goes on becoming corn
The concealment of UFO,s reading their tales in cut stone 
Require or request secretly another worldly note miss you
It reached its clear message all is written world in your due
some fell by the side edible bread making is earthly known
The book of the dead led by Egyptian scholars then few on
Victims carried away in darkness or on a buck board sleds 
and grim reaper views the bodies along the road very dead
Change the narrative to war it seemingly look similar.



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