La Journal, “continued notes.

The line along the fault divided all forces 
Even to space saw another's dark saucers 
Tho line went the spin spun another deal
Older running fixes the line performs real 
Except later day where that line saw lower
Connecting to four parts sect, lucky clover
The slow advancement in creature comfort
Control is another area of “AI” but wrought
The stick of softer days cups in taste bought
Grape bunches sugar cane chews retort your
Tasted fruity things cant say I love you more
Coffee tea I agree till I recline or decline for
Amid my bed pillow-angel I’ve let declined 
In my dreams the waxed beard call to wines
Calling the night through the crimson lights 
Heavens Star refusal to lessen its brightness 
Or moons other site and home coming reach
Placed a ribboned pin on my breast to preach 
Beyond moon melt by candle light cherished 
The homecoming other site all fruit lavished 
Unseen but said the lasting beauty said trees 
What remains from things became birds bees
Or moons other site and home coming flings
Unknown where and well began your wings
Not readily seen through the thick of the tree
Last of the trees falling leaves in mix breeze 
retreating spring summer colors all in decline
I see green brown red strange fall angel lines
Gods close-pins reimagined by angel clothes
Aligned to another running in early mornings
So you are the second beauty or yours to sing
The moments mornings are under your wings
The earth declined to restore the sky under me
Though in another day it may for you become
Ours now to change the towel that we touched.
Winding River,
Times ago the universe was very different than
today the immediate conclusion give more time
required great thought by astronomers and tack
So if the galaxy Sagittarius crossed through the
Milky Way in any part it created havoc billions
years ago in swinging door mix and mixing fly
To today in a larger measure color plants water
This the scientific jargon of note our acceptance
understand why one does this and not the other 
So on the way to the podium anchors are down 
I can count the boatman, to point chart the way
Purgatory in the dark books in the dead’s stone
Only story I read saw stone chipped engraving 
In former times roll Sci”fi, one was the towers
of India other the body of stone in the drunken
drink of Egyptian waters was their Gods stone 
Or in stone captured images early deity beliefs 
made the four oceans deeper by their secret ill 
state becoming another God in deepest waters
The oceans bottom raised the delights one man
But water can keep secrets reveal the nature of
history and secrets long forgotten and so none
more is secret only heaven knows the flight to
“ I saw you in my mind the long absence being
I became the rock from which you wrote home”
You raised the bar my sight the joy what came
In my rest your breath upon my face I saw your
hand reach out to me the earth sci’f, can’t deny
Re-emerge through winters wear and tare cold
wars, “The Third Dimension”
In trail of this a little bird I noticed fly through
A small thicket of trees and tree branches, even
so that bird flight was on a straight oblique line
Illustrating certain intelligence to me of another
kind relative to discarding older spyware unsafe
don’t really know without more proof birds bees
And proof is in the pudding what was witnessed 
yesterday but just imagine souls being drawn in
to a oblique other dimension science intelligence
and black hole stories are imagined but pictures 
are so important like asking what kind of science
research should the many spacecraft fit in limited 
space mission, Inca Dinka Do, your history book.
A oblique other dimension that’s where everyone 
lost souls as sometimes are mentioned might have
gone in their long sleep like pushing you and your
all asking questions for directions. Can we come
back or return from the dark realm well just not so
Or return back someone’s hand all possible in tale
Comic Book form said the So§Lo incognito affairs
Not for this sand piper asking that question in real
times might conclude that the, “ Inca Dinka Do” 
civilization were drawn in some other belief more
than one hand in the porridge went into it.
The voyage ancient archaeologists.
Finding our expedition in the mountains long lost
Undetectable loss of way believed, I clapped my hands
and raised a welt magic doesn’t work so I sent get well
card to remind them we were here or at least I am you
In French Russian Chinese and where I am others also
Sent out on a satellite as the comet groupings of Leonid
passed by and counted in the fly-by of comets and things
Our exhibition being in numeral one more or Sputniks
Tort and retort greet and meet not the Vikings dash smash
the following in above registers numbers requiring the AI
gatekeeper observation meaning, LoGar of the Viking age 
is now in check cause change is current how space is made
of definite change and might carry pandemics or peekaboo 
satellite riding in the same frame as movie fly over of Mars
breaking the silence, Robinson Caruso USA SOS.
We The People, 
A line of words not incomplete but specific to a written document
A journal that begins and ends with a dusk of ink blotted signatures 
A garment of public trust it’s glamour slowly eroding its declaration 
In Germany as I recall are credited for the Bible the words, 
“IN THE BEGINNING “ Germany invented the printing press.
And yet these words have fallen on deafening ears employing 
a short whip and long conflict between the Ukraine and Russia 
If pandemics are a poor choice of words here the conflict in Europe
is a willing figurine to the destruction way of life for the present 
as is being waged, even so no worse in casualties and destruction 
On the scale of humanities wrongful discourse of other peoples 
language custom to exchange for peace I recommend, sci-fi fantasy,
Give the rock that split the forest or real peace.



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