Shadows above the Space Force.

The start up of hand devices 
That have more or less from 
First to last proclaimed success 
Than any one way to carve a bow
A Indian head dress rink a ding do
Hold a boiled egg carve a initial to
A few things in minute magic show
The change to shadow is demeaning 
In the shaded shadow scouts utensil 
Small reflection a bigger scouts sails
A casting thought evokes the dreaming
From shaded images of a scouts view
Obstructed by a UFOs drum beat where
Contemptuous in appearance all is bare
I ran from the rain beneath the early dew
Without my salty cape and coat drenched
My adventures in scouting top end report
The shadow appears in others open court
Contempt appearance took note wrenched 
The little Bible away.
From down in the earths well it peaked out
Lost and found and the under card the role
Of the wanderer people roam, sci-fi fantasy 
Say not the lost found among the ruins find
Some say think other Flat Earth Conspiracy 
Or unable to find the reawakening in views
I deem or dream of pockets of indescribably 
Gold streaming down-ways near where I lay
But rather the coffins coach carry above the
Sound of hoofs down the streets coming end
That time forgotten you in greying grey from
Where you sleep fastens itself to caves dread
Come upon the hand reaching out from within
Without the armored gold around thou crown
Forehead shifts to the grave robbers a million 
Years gone the same remains returns and rises
What are humanity terms and changing staffs
The shield refrains in the armored gloved hand
Returns some era of history kept to value task
But riches found are of the matters of gold tin
Rustle of gems silver and gold values are seen
Only suggest to me a terminal fever for jewels
Gold and mineral wealth or need sort of thing
Needed for mining the elements for space and
Travel and lofty thrones.
The long train ride to Patch-world
The sky exhibiting patchy clouds wide 
The grandmaster wheels of wonder follow near 
The trains direction old star above the wind mill
Held on in the winds ruffles but the road beneath 
The ruffled feathers point way in nights acclaimed 
Days end I rushed into the ring red flag tag in tow
Big toe leading darken lots about hide the gaul left
The buying of time sorting little by little days past
Brought a lantern to illuminate the dark of passage
Leading to another nay beyond my crystal candled 
Change and course away emerged  the crystal skull 
In step to sleep or breath into the wells fire it awoke
Resonates the narrative to the first spade of the earth
Made bread from beyond the clans growers religions
Mounds and mounds in Gods gardens unkept anthills
Above the staged play beneath the stones held bones
Shame empty memory have begun we gave our taxes
The cost of the war of capital reserve is circle of debt
The great circle of preponderance is its worth in gold
If it can be brokered rather than be surrendered there
Days end down the road.



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