I joined you in a charm 
One a fallen star in the Karma
Millions upon millions of stars
The leader of a long grey line afar
Brought you fame fortune recovered 
Earth in distant shines this little farm
It stood the test of time gold uncovered
Maybe not reached alone but gold in arm
Mars declined nary a sliver stone of gold
Your name in lights never to answer walk
Or run back the other remains stand down
That brings to course the gymnast on hold
The other beneath the bounce of perfection 
Running glory flag in arms cary rum or bit
Freedom but at what cost to first and last
In the Great Leap Forward by switch stands
Only the frogs remained unaffected do jump
To and fro but less think for a moment alas
The boot and mud roadway tell a lot in same
Time or element of the roar the dying of time
Becoming irrelevant don’t rise up from that
Blood stained earth but continue on because
The back has a front from fallen before the end
We seek to achieve your request in a guarantee 
A winning success or return to scary dying life’s 
Not good to write home about the letter carriers 
Have declined empty fields trips for now lessened 
A distant star a world away different thought to be
I grabbed at the cane carrying on in discomfort 
From a fall, “abbreviated my sentence structure”
The world this planet grew in many directions in
Terms of living to our ambition or Hadrians vision.
A unofficial View
There is a photo which arguably to be real not
a fake photograph the idealist one day will challenge
The reality and other is about all of you and this what
I refer to as a seemingly, UFO incident here.
The photo of this UFO is that of a circular image
burning, that of a round sphere appearing testing or
on fire maybe its a hoofer meaning I’ll slide to another
position if it is creating a conflict the idealist will say
thats a angel of sort, baloney. It’s noticeable background
Is a very high cliff wall, like a square protecting it from
prying eyes while burning oxygen, I suspect. Or is it
hiding from something that may be watching for it and
in that view concealment or maybe you saw the report
And believe as I do but more details need to be made 
public and studied. This will call AI+2 company there
not including reporting truth or other business.
Spoke about a Embassy House for arriving UFO guests
The misfortune been made that the IRS hired a large
group of hires and equally in numbers machine guns
So believing in home rule or rather can you imagine 
The person announcing the call to new hire videos 
The other a video, I got a new job drawing disdain 
All this is true you might as I now think and you
can file it under Sci-Fi fantasy including the last of
the upstanding falsetto of wonderment or against the
rock that fell on the runway the other a mystery the 
long tales tells us other words
Spy glasses and confetti 
Litter the road the sky’s 
Letting the rue red tide
Reach around ships helm
Hells notice widen preach    
Other worlds metal box of sort
Has two eyes within what sees
What’s all left of one from wars
The graves I traced my steps to fro
Ran through the forest a soul takes on
Becomes in truth the self of you in the
Only name to spoke aloud that of God
In great frame of mind I ran with only
Your name thought and soul to my heart
I am yours to whom I wave in time and 
Tho a distant plea I came to say hello or
Goodby by the sea only the waves remain
Today. Sci, fi fantasy coming.
The archeologists star chart 
No red stars bare for any art
When I came thru dimensions
The upper class flamingos shun
My walk in camouflaged ware
Bring the beak to break a stare
Fro the other times there are things
Blue and red seas mediocrities wings
Winters returns the penguins in unison 
Polite measures fill winds run and suns
To read chipped by tool sand and stone
Survived the ages remarkably long alone.
The weekly leaks,
The power of the pen and pun 
are two different worlds of words
My latest, sci, fi fantasy is a way in which
I can think a path about the leaks exposing the
US Government papers to the realization 
Where we are today is throughout my Blog.
About the men one flew too close to the sun
and fell from Gods Glare or the mistaken flight
The next time around first secret flight exposed
The guy they caught signed papers to that discord
History watched and noted the pentagon papers
Followed by the leaking of sensitive information
came and go and what went further on later one
of theses men and ladies as is today in mention are
locked in a room for a unending stay in fear of 
being arrested in public by a internal tug of war.
Then the other one not mentioned flew the coop
But I believe that either free of redacting secrets
is costly to the department of state in days ended
As sometimes embassies error over crew and cost
I haven’t read these latest papers or comments in a
specific way. But the nuclear winter threat may be
the reason and cost in this argument per say. 
“ The perceived threat was a clever book provoking 
suspicion to lessen the greater threat of war.” 
Leading to nuclear winter and starvation world wide.
Creating a perceived threat to Sino/Soviet relations
as it were a half century back some years.
The grief in this is war and a worsening war realized.
Beyond Karma 
The boat filled with passengers reached out
To the long sought other earth now in limbo
Past the wind blown eastern towers dirty streets
The Lord brought us to view the Devil unseated
It’s cup of broth lay amiss only the rust of ware
Turned away any hand and mouth to that reach
But to stare the walking has gone into the night
and days other stairs to reach streets envisioned
The same once kindred windows walls abruptly
Lost lay in heat the way fallen angels reach out
People phones no longer existing ring and ring
To date Heaven and Hells divided worlds of life
follow a unknown Lord beyond in Bibles Holy
Role. The brink of disasters.
We a world away are at doors away from disaster 
With membership into NATO accepted or awarded
to Ukraine today, is a implied nuclear coming war.
I speak of the possibility of a long nuclear winter
In which starvation will prevail many such believe 
What stirred the NATO leader to visit Kiev recently
was the image change but let’s view NATOs motto
The motto of NATO is to all war against one true
Sorry I said that implies no more luxury purchases 
or farm fields of wheat and corn throughout that 
nuclear winter of starvation. Aware the difference
needs and numbers swing the pendulum to my side
and away if it’s war and hunger look at the scale of
Consuming lot vs not the nuclear winter is not truly
a index to my guess and or seen one vs food shelf’s
Food medicines medical services lessen kind of care
abound to replace the empty shelves some never and
slide the ruler index cave hungry hands reach crowds
proportion ruler index my guess against singular or
start of the COVID Pandemic Hospital load and care
Will it even be that.


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