Race to the White House, my parody

The race to the White House Santa’s sled
Gifts from the gift giving of good wishes
Something like this bring three wise men
Following the UFO instead the good star
Fact or fiction reporter lot of that so only
leaving your thoughts to the solar system 
the rest in hiding breaking the rules press
Speaking of the White House and hosts
married a Hollywood host in part liken
A Chinese menu front back sides special
UFOs there gone visiting sunnier course
A place you refrain from visiting in light
of the file thief's return to the plan, steal
Departments transfer of secrets disallowed 
from removing reading rather is unmoved
But exposing facts discourse publicly are
Three easy steps we cannot answer (A.I) 
All well the border war or China Balloon 
I don’t know all the reasoning what it is
Beneath the full moon and White House 
In perfect still reached out to ease its fall
Podium and heel stuck perfect fit of green
Leprechauns dance at the gates front lawn
Broke its news I believe from the office to
The home where the low whisperers, where 
they go.


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