The vote declined.

France rebelled recently to a long dispute a Kings gamble
With the French President rule of the rebellions reason to
The signing into law without proper public discourse or law
Then did just that, I guess it means a popular strike again 
Another King imagined each to its own, bring about strange
bed fellows, a joke not dwelling of the seriousness of Bird
Cage creep shows not demeaning myself but see a torment
of human direction verses wealthy and those in need or peril
to buy a new fedora or to keep the bird cage.
A archeologists make up. 
At first it appears to the reader a appearance of fair courses
From its first archeological dig, ie, I saw myself in times lot
A reflection of the shadows left by a bit of history written on
stone beyond dawns light where I refrain entering hells gulf
But what walked and climbed out and above is our contention
or at least my thoughts and vision and that unresolved issue
Where only the clearest well lay beyond reach and hands grasp
As I sought rolled with the tide bunched to little gain or effort 
made against the great change particularly the next letter or on
to the great stone chisel or push buried and recovered a ancient 
text as may be studied without this knowledge or ❤️‍🩹 is unkind
Even with interest the human approach is a story on parchment 
in vessels forgotten but the gold diggers really expect the results 
open a wider belief to world history occupation and change seen
The other thing being the questions asked in growth and decline 
rank most noticeable by of course my vision and your thoughts
Whats noticeable for better and worse stone and rock chisels are
our history’s intelligence in kneeled dig and now the other kept
seriously possibly change even with interest the human approach 
is a story on parchment in vessels forgotten recovered for history
I also note the givens are not always true given way leading to
The Jewish custom art and history perhaps why the change needs
original directions and cause of celebratory reason for the changes
left behind would be too far fetched to the specificity extended to 
other planets or worlds Mars would be a extended planet think it
can work that way, it is the world and the Bible that we embellish.
But we have the most ungracious enemies Bibles help but in some
cases be warned of condemnations. Like the stone makers there are
those that can make up lies and as history shows and research has
shown the search for order lies in the waken state of their cause to
rule. Even so with interest the human approach is non transferable 
unless by erroneous comings say the ( AI ) course and conspiracies 
To be continued return in a bit.
So with interest the human approach is a story on parchment 
In vassals forgotten but the gold diggers expect the archeologists 
results open wider belief to the world history, the other great step
that led to change or into the present Holiness we present and argue
In Holy Gods name the tables of Government.We sign on to believe 
(C) the other, (Free At Last.) the long slave lines and chains have since
become broken, and that in change was a loss more than was asked for
Meaning a civil war in the hands of men of the darkness hour of history.
How this will take on other archeological finds, a blue world with white
Clouds, greater gold fields in indigenous hands or what is the challenge 
I draw the picture what I believe is within our grasp in a short time we ask
the scales of justice be understood and not be mishandled. 


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