Behind the lasting sun.

I believe there is a wrong in heaven the sun
has or is under fire I go back to a incident that
Just a little news about it changed the worlds
weather system appears in my only narrative
I believe other than in the public’s domain note
But burning Americas nuclear waste products
and more into the sun to burn it worse happens
I don’t want to think all the western edge of it
Near weather warnings in part seen inevitable 
Or some days it wants to break apart is wrong
If the causation was in looking around this sun
The narrative would precede all other thoughts
Prisoner to a world in turmoil left to die not so
Are the UFOs unseeingly in these criminal acts
I draw a picture in yours and my minds of aged
life and curvatures our ends happening before all
life’s finality ends it may if it was poison created
By the atomic energy agency, poison is your pill
I’ll cut this in my brief short, UFOs or those you
Think might be just the cabinet we don’t have in
our minds. Watch those upper monsters they can
deceive you/



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