Castle nights.

So as I wrote previously the parody is somewhat a diary 
I write noticeably after the fact using words and concepts
available from chalk board and book but lo paradise reigns 
The mountain climbs and call are limited only to my views
I did not bring a back pack or a camera of sort to tell a tale
Just a walking cane not set in magics circles way mutiny on
Or top of earths cradle where was home there else spinning 
tales began many still do nights in darkness lay in castle way
Comes the fluted sun bringing in the distant winds words of
Song dance trivia this tune name to cause even devils ending
Tho my name mentioned a lot in the black book of shepherds 
There is one of prophets baring no name as to who it favors 
To be continued.
Shepherd’s with fluted wooden song in notes brought home
Or canine bites leaving none to gander but turned swords 
Not relinquishing my shield or spear as I notice other realities 
my loin clothe and ruffled wings be with what may to stand
having never fallen times lot bastards named besides myself
I saw a pale rider just in sight reaching within hands a eagle
called came screeching not Gods angel but man’s coming told
Adam throughout times crevices the world I saw nary to dress 
in armored cape but robe clambered at gates court opening the
way open and closing was the run I heard that said or rum yo
Magic in the castles nighttime glow of hand and torch alight 
The culprit of the other wise did not follow that shifting dark
Castles darken shadows came and went seen by doors locked
The flash was the magic of the narrative called child to come
My ledger written reads our dreams and stories in minds eye
Awaken by Gods touch in the dreams of dreams explained to
Yo not in perfect harmony to note was said Gods very words
adhere in book form this other age where not to reach beyond
To most illustrious of words to the staining of the first church
The first and last words of the day in parentheses now in press.


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