Enter and Exit, extension of my sci/fi narrative.

Two universes in unending realms of time
The master telescopes are still in search of
more of the universe in plus and minus sum
Or conspiracy the science telescopes explain
the lights stars and galaxies and atmospheric 
readings. The next space telescopes might be
better understood if you had a enter and exit 
AI built just for categorizing these facts, etc
Time and place space networking of adjoining 
Space bodies including runaway comets worlds
These kind of things or those unknown findings
that will eventually be seen and studied worldly 
Even if I come to your brain or your to mine be
that so said in just that way mankind will beyond
reach out and recreate its belief and life itself,
But back to the square one for me a challenging 
thought not so the entire field of charted worlds 
galaxies buttons and bows the present solar system 
This whole nine yards courtesy in kingly order
Now I am simply thinking another solar system 
In orbit in size relative to what Hubble recorded
exist but counter clock wise E+ E~ two wheels
in opposite rotation throwing everything in crisis 
Let’s abstract this like Ballet two opposites dance
hot and cold in close dance bumpy bump closer 
Two solar systems indifferent orbits no closeness
or relative recognition ours have “Heavens God”
That other has a very old but unraveling story told
more importantly it probably has space ships, yup
capable of crossing into the side where our piloted 
existence in reaching across the stars more difficult 
What I kinda interpret to mean, remember no facts
or figures but we have had a lot of wars opposites
then all the fish stories and the crazy lawn mowers 
beliefs they go out at night and seemingly cut grass
being operated by ghosts or invisibility, is England 
Then these giant ancient statues around the world 
are being reported unearthed other large mysteries 
But as we have reason to study this it might mean 
clearly at the edge of Science Fiction.


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