Home Sweet Comedy.

I ran away once but returned home
What I saw came about was told me
By lo Prince of Princess pings of time
That ran through endless ravines of stone
The mountain side lacks now only fabled 
Talk returns beyond this was reigns of years
Fear pain the scale blueish without curse fixes
No to name the steward eskimo scaling fishes
Brought from darkness to cultivate a rose earth
One man’s rose and life possessions others holier
More from dreams made up but I do spy their earth
As those that did still do the real is weather you can
Become a force greater than exist or well being in all
In outer space, in earths outer solar system are moons
Believed to be entirely having oil another water, iron
and gold values, gold for instruments in long planetary 
issues steel iron researched to the skin of space vehicles
Body of larger space crafts thousand years journey alike
“A joke, the help line reads, by others in outer suspension 
Derricks or pails, reality of the roses centuries away seems
Don’t lose your place grow a new head or too far to matter
Except for reincarnation, rather your soul reborn to another
Your mother with similar genetic values which build properly
Pause will return, back now.
Point of view there will be a cosmic change in the colorful
adult society emerging in a different looking American family 
Todays children tomorrows adults are having report cards with
red check marks meaning their scores are lowered by the most
recent pandemic which as I see have ramifications that caused 
the grade lowered causing scholars worry the edge of holiness 
is the defense portrayed or portals with teethe, the sky forever
In the beginning be the question.


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