The Changing Dew/sci,fi

From the forest I came but the green came off
In some part of the thickness of time declines
Leaving only a trail of darken trees and friends
scouring dying in wake of aged fallen like trees
The forest branch pointing on to the others side
protection a new tree line dug by hands of heart
Guardians of the empty state written on little to
unknown greed in the wake of history to recover 
sword and trail leaving none to suffer it forever
For I dreamt the God of Adam touch implied me
The scroll written saved by the just allowed to be
Where the time later lay on my helmet memories
The one called FalOar the follower peeks thru the
dark of green seen in days light of the other forest
deserves recognition this little bit I seem to think
Like Rainbows Thunder the ancients drinks were 
that road to toast who boast be king not of fear or
Fin which say amore brings the sun to all surprised 
and one in decor.
To be cont,
Hi, in the kingdom tree 
I let you be another green
This God I am allowed to be
Your watch till nary seen
I hold this nights prayers
In secret ceremony hands prayer
It did not ring as called upon me
Undue belief and thought it true
In the opening book not beyond
Adams hand resting on the rock
With what inner thought revealed
The range of questions lie in the
Secret text said was within judged
I broke into a quick pace and left
The billet mirrored thought alive
This helmet of King of caned stay
Under thought others reinvention
As what light shone windows on
The beginning Adams resting was
Even before the end was written or
made from one man’s prophecy 
From this field of barren promises
From this Earth man in resting
That word of God re/herald lifted
To the earths plate where varying 
beliefs built the other walled city
of clay stone and ruin lo, remains
If lifted liken the sword was said
in the darken earth covering time
and that other foot in time retraces
the longest journey from glory to
doom to promise it said of read 
to write in I bid you peace.


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