The Darken Crew.

Fist raised but fair well 
Rose to the occasion 
Spied the lone roan about
Took my cane swiftly into
Make way shape the reason
Come nights dark spells fray
The window to and fro magic
Blue and Green web called Earth
In a visit known to almost everyone 
Unlike Claus who gains by giving to
Rather giving by gained as in long ago
Not the later brand and cover returnable 
I critique art a bit for choosing Abstract 
In retrospective look back at world wars
Was a time one could only see its laid ends
Or the rages of war continue or contain earth
The soul beneath the waring worlds tribes cry
Those taken sway by promise, the hut had no a.c.
Be warned that crown is a conference outlasting
All the tries to this day I think about each in peril 
To swallow in whole lots the very lot any of them 
Anyway the under the thumb rule so came the rub
Churches are standing.
Never say Never they have me as I never was
I watched the wheel that turned never in my dreams
Saw you without any end in my well being bringing
The path and next beginning new world granting all
Either they have stopped the war or won the lottery
The lot of them saying row row row away to dough
In sight of the fact long ago I opted out of their wars 
Took this stance favoring peace in a stable area both
A prerequisite position in a holding line between both
Concomitant with peace or land alias reform pirated 
By little tiny tracks for one of many we followed thus
Becoming  more noble as the shared food carts seized 
Were always the pretender bit cooked apples potatoes 
A dimes hot dog dream bigger for less why dad drank
Moonshine and reindeer homemade sausage biscuit kit
No wall is harder to scale than the hoarders den up top
Or gold recovered at sea by the churning waves uncover
Of the oddities that summon the town crier is found gold
Or artist turn to fame looking at this worlds challenge met
Tomorrow’s gain or lost to another Castle State in beneath
Canvas turn of fate beneath it all.
The peeking or pecking order of the River Jordan.
The long vigil came to be at first was a pebble
That broke the web came the other eye depth stair 
To wit I spoke a bit that course went around and around
The mangy head that rose up from the rivers froth indeed
In hand the best of fools in such a little skillet laughing 
Wheat is by the way beyond call joining the fun unfurled 
It’s seeded rows in bests cuisine of the day and parted way
Before the plate went around and passed on down the isle
It rose to declare who to sit near the ugly unholy emptiness 
Where all the little winging kids went to greater places
We prayed in such the evil left none to barter and return
The greater life or lie in none of the languages we know.
“Kubuki Theater Night” a extra
I seem to think about Kubuki Theater 
That small mobile t.v. I have doesn’t get all the channels 
Particularly the one with the goofy plates special antenna 
and extra cost wi, fi ing all over sounding like seagulls 
So I kinda know from my other article the holes that open
up near us really rattle the senses just because it appears
in limited form no reason to think maybe this is that story
Kubuki Theater, well don’t go investigating one, run yes
Or back the car around and away in speed that’s in law 
The other thing and prevail your not in a hole today 
or not a care in the world right.


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