The Orchestra Bow, in sci fi fantasy.

The orchestra took a second bow
Recalled to the house staged event
The line in the gin house drew cheers
Excitement dodging realignment on toes
celebrating some went for tea and theater
and chit chatted and never left saying they
should leave it’s getting late and stayed on
More to come my phone is getting all these
weird calls, locked them out to main consul
they redial originating number and get called
“ sci fi, trick having them talk to themselves.
Try to keep a octopus in a water tank or sea
urchin got to watch them every little moment.
The other stupid thing they have way for being
everything like a suited mirror and face imaging
Or it’s the return of the Kubuki Theater chapters
relative company of the one armed ventriloquist 
Fear of the darken sink hole remains intact to day
Play the accordion face another day out of step.
But beneath the rooted tree it sits and any story has
As many directions seen as does the darken winds.
Reaching before winters snowy site touches home
Where you lay or lie in sleep a darken self of alias 
Negativity or mummification I saw no impending
eyes that you were born about the cave’s collapse 
and it brings no new word or who came and left it
In place space center to God sent me to sow Earth
With what we are enriched until another story’s read
Being there reveals the Jolly Roger playing with one
Jazzy finger has the radio times ringing the app off
ding ding song dance of the opera in spinning detail
The light shining reveals a forest in still perfect light
Like lent across accents way in which I am enabled
Then to other beliefs besides AI selfie wheels is go
turning playing mummy or hiding seems irrelevant 
cause the mannequins go in the forest grounds seen 
none return to speak of but lie dread in Kubuki Theater
Woodsmen daily chore working for food another thing
A gust of wind and unintelligible voices lead the return
Exit the tunnel and are out of it follow the traffic makers
be warned there is misery in thought and lot.
Recent history as I recall regulated fund raising.
Giving an unknown fund a toe in the door or seat
When you combine foot to other things one sees
stronger applications by improving equal leverage 
standards renewal for public fairness remain in them
against the carefully worded statement when the rubber
hits the road. On Mars there are NASA photos of what
appears to be a few large sink holes in close proximity.
What I previously wrote about, the Kubuki Theater or
court luncheons and more the courts ware and playing
Where with square one and square two Kubuki Theater
Just realizing the importance of these sink holes or as
I describe them, at least sometimes you can get close
enough to look into them to help people caught in cars,
this dilemma but either way a no go to get any closer 
But to render your sincere help from the Kubuki Trap.
“On Mars, These sink holes appear to be quite large.
I really wonder if anything or something could have 
fallen in one of the Kubuki Sink Holes. What I don’t 
know well, no cars stuck in them front end deep down
But there can be something else down there, maybe a
Cowboy sort ancient rocket on a lift old Kubuki stone
“ Where’s “Opportunity” NASA Rover fallen into the
Kubuki hands, storms generated by wind turbines that
remain or run for months until all is now quiet like 
(C) All quiet on the western front)
NASA Satellites will have to peek into these Sink Holes
Not for cars stuck in the rut but on Mars it’s 99% to 1
I suspect something more.
Sci Fi example, The Martian Farm Lands imaginary fields
Or Indian Tiger within bringing any of it aboard the Mars
Probes may open the Pox of inner bacteria to free Lance
in winds of the Earth into a rusting like reach of bacteria’s 
Where it could create and release a pandemic but always
Look at other scenarios, in art abstract is a good example 
This one looks like “The President, the other no name
Visit to New York City. 
The cried and died swept in sound 
As they ran to higher other grounds 
To grasp the leafs come near aside
our hand in roses ripple touch wide 
The God of theirs is seen in the acts
Where as our in same act not shame
riches our is lots your land and ours
The square of life reaching out yours
to begin the lorry ride into the newest
longest road of riches and valleys lost
Becomes now another course changing
values, the golden city and Comanche 
thunder now in the ramparts remain, 
how the course charted became a icon
lost in the outer side to date fin or pun
about writing little notes read out lost
religions where God beyond rainbows 
looks at the rise and fall life’s beliefs
I see no blasphemy for us to include 
in any way prescribed our earth birth
I reached and none came of darkness
man dispelled first of grandeur then
quandary why paradise didn’t lighten 
my vision the Bible reads none about
need or about Gods work I asked as in
English Moors or more and learned in
reading the only printing press made in
Germany and began the wait and watch
that learned to read the Bible’s History.
To paint the rainbows of today why come
and run that reach out will in histories gate
of future days become beneath the tale will
Hollywood on strike the present labor strike
brings the walk by going and coming 
two strings unattached on strike the next is
the arguing interest knob clicker pad or phone
The strike darkens the screen narrows it down
To monkey business smaller texts the mouse
against the cat narrowly escapes with all the cash.
The unseating of Czar and Czarina the little craft
that braved the waters only now to relinquish some
control of the three headed painted ships wheel of
other winds and good fortune lasting name calling
Such as coming to earth in another form. 
Dis not in known writing collaboration of sort 
author creator the law of the stone Gods chiseled
about your head recalls about the many findings
of small gold pressed articles the fear it brings on
The wooden sail ship I speak about fell in on the 
wayside carrying all the gold in the world it found
In the islands call out witch’s slap. Why I blew the
whistle about UFO,s island hopping.
My Tweet.
So now my Blog in another day
The world is in another way
Made through darken fog in shining 
Light immense morning greeting lining 
My presence seeing my reflection about
Only I can see and hold on to its welcome
Yesterday yesterdays rain and sun became
What is now less in dark and light spreads
Spiraling into and between the rain drops
Still my day even the night time is bringing 
Lights range reaching whispers touch Earth
All be it another day and wishes you bring 
that brought to window a beautiful Canary 
Lots speaking passing the window shop to
Google Hoping.
Before the moon wandered into orbit about
the Earth and sun in a mathematical plum 
inside a blue parasol with my Chinese bride
Embroidered beautiful black eyes and white
Rose like skin my dream life at the edge
I remain adamant I will not disappear.



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