The Blue Order.

The resistance of the Blue order
In tales told in tempted old roles
Man can achieve in other words
Our technology reaches the best
The birth of reason speech of God
Or the being of the hand to teach
A hand reaching out to God above
From our window the sky reveals 
A melody many spoken languages 
Spilling on to the fountain another
Lullaby, sweet is the cream but for
The Staple Plan ghosts or UFO,s
This stapled note is with others
The first note a call about ghosts
could be a UFO secreting about
You investigate the site taking job
to earn extra money with a Ghost 
Divining Stick for ghost searches
Be it unknown but us the divining 
rod or stick will not really uncover
a ghost when it might be a UFO of
Some sort like a bee with a sweet
Taste for pollen ghost or UFO on a
tricky mission even to invention of
something else in order to trick you
capture yourself and your notebook.
Not a ghostly spirit unless it has up
it’s bony sleeve another trick or dark
waves harboring evil things so when 
you are called to investigate a ghost
your role & card the ghostly image
Is corruptible all the way to the bank
if this is what’s on your card send the
assistant or choose one such person
Because the thought and tree line are
really not in parallel and then caught
Don’t be tricked ghosts UFOS are real
obviously to conclude the nature in us.
Those  guys running from conferences 
rather than sticking around in a truthful
manner I cast them with the, “ flashlight
Conspiracy”  the photos I interpret as is
the grand prize of corruption. Or calling
Those people the professionals, for pun,
Flash light hunters with credentials.
Freedoms Bowl with both hands I am
returning it to scale for small increases 
To call with all being equal the rush to
fill the empty spaces or squares found 
the standing staring into freedoms wit
Well some parts of the sea now climb
the banks of wilted 🥀 mix of wheat
In outstretched hands has a weakened 
growth or in hungers wait lessoning the
outcome and reach called to march on
Irregardless of conflicting arguments 
Alas the push to freedom led by hunger
and words which came about gaining
Nothing but the clutter of battle debris 
Feel and see the hunger pain left in the
wake of conflict the Rat and crossroads 
isn’t in sight but the battle pits fields are
The crosses in mens sights ends a belief
ever to win rather commit each to the end
at glory’s path why men desert rather than
Become a distant grey of the plaza da falls
The crosses are many to a end that must see
Win to reach in the glory group battlefield
Our the reach to God in their quell moment
Lasting now into the night time blinking at
The wounds of war in rivers unending bias
finger pointing at the heads of the tables for 
conscriptions without wear and tear or lack
thereof. What I call is the other approach to
Communism. Take what is yours not to keep.


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