A Beacon of the light.

The Earth as we know or call it our beacon 
of civilization that has turned itself over and
over leaving little in the development of the
new social trail the human interaction taken 
major steps to escape the images of the poor
But gardeners bent the moments becoming a
vegetable staple what was good to the mouth
The years of these moments may be very bit
a slow million of months years as though for
these were a page missing with archaeologists 
report of organized history long only known ie 
remnants or sci fi fantasy mail bag space.com
has a record section if your codes line up and
click you may get a reply worth checking the
NASA mail bag, a sci fi fantasy I.d.invention
of mine. Of course my opinion too, trying to
thread the needle. The early mail bag story I
refer to has bits of religion in it. UFO,s real,
From what I understand Earth was a planet of
water, a blue world. Where later unknown to
the press worldly bodies of earth fire struck
this planet creating mountains of fire and hell
that precipitated the global divisions that rocks
This world. “To be continued.
Man and woman and the universe and their rocks
fire steel and rocket ships. A lot of missing facts
steps left for us to imagine another side or shadow
of the victory seem true. Well Martians aren’t the
cave dwellers who drew their messages on to the
caves black board for us. What they saw and drew
I only can wonder and coming out the cave naked
Thank God for hands and fingers which led the way,
For food to be served and stored for its village whole.
The signet point doesn’t state how the shovel ax shed
New life and how the village came to be but families 
gathering in survival to this day are similar in group
Knowledge is only what they were capable of doing 
That lied to all and the defense arrangement was just
One Tribal directions growth and reason thought that
Civilization remaking the village, reeds of past rivers
Land trees all persuaded by the red tide blue willows
growing wild overspilling the stone steps bridge to it
weddings do and don’t brought back to life as darken
beacon applauding till the water wheel now slowed to
still spits up spring season gain in weighted call or be
growing bread without carrying adds is a catastrophe 
The last wall where darken remains of still mounds are
commit to earth people who remained to stay under the 
guises lend the pain of burials spoken in reaching God
But in the time that history holds its notes of inspiration 
Boast its written word given to inscribe your religion in
The written word Dance of the Wall and Flags hoorah
In grace upheld cast another shadow dance in flags grace.


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