The Political Change.

Upon reach out we crossed the rocks of time
Stood our belief in shining brew were it now
thus came to being I ran upon the rocks bearing 
no spilt cargo my wear I stitched in tow in raft
By God R still in hand heart legal clarification 
All but hearing through hollow horn there about
Your outreach the other age of wisdom but on the
wall appears broken red clay of soil the first line
fell the length toiled cast of millions have come
to the door step I am in red haste before the fall
and tow of coming walls what will remain cast a
shadow becomes a save all in all we came in the
the soul of a shoe liken to Columbus but earlier
in deed and claiming perceived by Geography.
But religious differences are the crucible thorns
We remain faithful with sword shield bloodied 
nearing to one’s threatening cold selfless menace
stated end said in unglamorous delusion borrow
A lain cane in reason to mark the other in visit to
Sputnik days as such our names are in the wind
Where and when God led our churches.


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