Home and away, sci fi

As the star shone bright 
the night darkened about
lesser distant view images
bears lions archers a near
few beneath we reside the
little bitty blue and green
orbiting the sun about the
night I peek see reach out
the other a barrel of fun a
wobbling clown shine on
in the light shone brightly 
I saw you to this day find
all in my dreams return to
dream bringing you to my
place in the jewel of stars
of the kind you were born
there is a good side and a
uneaten side of the apple 
chased the range for lost &
found do not call after me 
my leave I brave the time
the distant time until I am
seen return in your success 
I wrote to you in my litany 
of such doings my joy but
directional stick bit stuck in
 a straight path it seems that
took me clear of sorry starry
sorcery in space to a medical
screening recovery check up 
R.F. treated successfully and
other discussions I used the
light house on the hill to call 
out to you I understand that
letter of mine is being lo sent
back legally take times reach
your specifics not the wolf in
darken shroud when asked or
read the talk only one trick of
the conversation I let to allow.


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