I recall.

The story of the whale pilots 
disaster at the end of a prod
The Elephant ate our banana 
and drove away the mice atop
bigger things not carrot tops
I could go on but not in blues
upper witch craft on a broom
long been whispering whining
mentioned going to sea early
about this a game away sorry
It lost the playing card other
It understands reason treachery 
The explanation is eternal life
blue mist or mystery what was
believed and what we believe 
In search of greatest even more
a tree like Venus Fly Trap may
Exist then ask one of the sought 
Questions to answer without any
prejudices easy for me say what
ever and spin bringing into foc
But no distance equals this blue
and green earth forget me not bow
return the song I love most bear no
ill to one’s fortune fame science or
name on billing mine is now aging 
more than care previously mention
I wrote to you the bad were given a
Blue card and the reds were given a
Roman card pizza later they traded 
cards. When I was a kid reference 
earlier ideas collected sports cards
Have a few today worth a bit more
next year. My wonderment thinks 
bit more against with the real point
difference being universe age poss-
abilities twenty times its thought of
age. Well then in that time a tree 🌳 
grew the spores of time multiplied 
what I think is unparalleled a open
reason is a old now a eye popping 
question, some spores cross the sky
of time from the land of giants.


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