The Blue Goblin a little science fiction.

Hideaway Earth has a trick personality involved, 
Jupiters shadow puts a sign out gone off  fishing
It’s relatively is in the orbit to sun moon planets 
The scientist of today agree on the existence of a  
Curled in a bowl like a lake presence in the interior 
are scientists studying the magna earths interior etc
Reading this story I imagine finding a escape mode
that I am free to read these bits of information shared
and decide what to call it other than it’s reality arise
or fall untouched by thoughts my ideas of a bubble
like with mermaids big blue eyes wonder and effect
No wand to ward off evil they can only be used one
day at a time rushing winds prevail over life's stand
I have changed my view from a kid I was once upon
with a paper pea straw square shooter to likable guy
warn about the invisible seriousness of the martians 
platforms, that’s what I said but not my saki or fizz
In the lack of candor I could be right so we can say
about the possibility of invisibility it may exist and
in order to see any part of blue Fizzing Glob escape
a spy glass filtering the changes to invisibility to
other forms or norms of algebraic notions are the
things being taught to unravel this in other words
or the need to know or a color coded  flash light
and ask what is going on animal in its kinddom
The reality of all this is a square deal it’s a blue
sediment from a chemical reaction or all that’s 
left of the original sin or martian out lands 
it was a water world professed to meet a darken
bowl of dust that the just and unjust welcome to
stay be whatever but not pleased with the open
shut case of blue it’s many apples falling red.


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