The Love Book.

I sent you a kiss by means kiss and tell
within the written little glory of your
beauty spied the glory of another age
came to unveil the cloaked beauty recall 
to me the sun appears in bind we have
throughout time known to each of thee
Amore I love thee more I do because 
even the mystic written clause of Gods
word was included such of our values
Our souls journey tell the love of hand
I love you this more spoken in whispers
I have written home a letter and letters 
are read answered do I need say more
save our lines and questions the world
Is in captivity along with the band that
played on to my brand of prose poetry
Your beauty alas love suspects from all
other places you read I read our love is
mentioned even if only bibs spoons are
table talk but time is another thought all
though the lines in poetry often are in
book form it breathes life another way
to say still more such as I love 💕 you
even from home wrote back once loved
all you only now you can ask for any a
thing in your hearts mind my included 
I see your life mouth a sum only God in
praise of Gods reflection touch hand of
faith reach you in all kind of well beings.



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