The Train of Thought. Real Sci Fi.

A group project was for the formation
of certain opinions and beliefs studied 
contrarian in studies and membership 
a nickel into a glass nickel slide bowel
spin the nickel slide/around once and
have a peanut what I recall about sixty
years ago the UFO scale model liken 
that handle of the nickel peanut bowel 
coin slide spot and according to chatter
Pro-ported according to my media talk
sources and public congressional studies 
a short handle going around and it looks
a bad lie but why do lies have strange bit
interest. The evil sorcerers mask came in
next revealing a tongue behind the mask
devils frown just one bang a certain tree
to fall by way of ax beneath a boisterous 
call the other course language song sung
moments together grainy big and small R
the song I sung running home in the rain 
paper plane in hand dream the other in hat 
fly me afar paper plane to mars flap in mud
how I came to meet your mother write home
from edges end then a day in the year was in
celebration I spoke your name went about 
my business call didn’t return answer I am 
beyond the roller coaster checkerboard the
distant pickup desk ruler to you my desk pin
Sputnik rules the day in journeyman journal
to be read on or it is this worlds model from
the space ports of the most recent views this
BlueEarth so one part reads Russian another
Germany others English European Asian and
Non specific immigrant thinking how it may
be studied and analyzed from afar believed is
Two points of conjecture straight line but as
it is being in Jupiter’s shadow can delist the
different points that may fall in that shadow
unabling vision in this case unable or in study
unwilling long in depth study to answer call
return signal but I think the satellite is 99%
working correctly reading all languages of
the world presently the given, “for example,
With the loss in time or regions space map
looking at that you might move the domino 
into another space to restudy long questions
then a day in the year was a celebration spoke
your name as about my business for buzz call
back looking at you, mentioned, “wave”.
The creatures on top of the walls winding way
reaching down on to the lower urchins by fault
pun and to lead the way in days early wakened 
unending moments of which ours in the longer
presence remain un/equal by the question as is
stating with or without cause celebration or as
equal justice may imply thinking now, NASA
Window, Ingenuity's Mars studies tomorrow a
traffic light of sort but will have to wait a long
rather the road to Mars has dreamers well hop
aboard small and big days on Mars.
The most recent article read are seemingly 
suggestive logos track and field per square
little verses big verses bad replacements !!!
Twitter notions being replaced for a big X
wish you were here, lost and found studied
but there are things to write and to think of
or if you can perceive the notion founding
nation then the nation Twitter following 
lost gone removed but to where is Twitter
now the window changes to Mars terrain 
pictures being returned to Earth from the 
little helicopter drone type well some kind
of Twittering is taking place one square to
another seems it’s all going down a darken
ledge where as you can imagine soft depth 
or other elements at hand stand except that 
we do brave the depth of oceans climbing 
mountains the level playing game football
economy which as you can see no depth or
other elements in hand stand as a obstacle
History shows in some respect the role that
civilization covered the findings lost found
and division not being there but speculation 
this is that and that is this we read the public
reports available and see these archaeological 
research findings bring to life more questions 
three languages on a stone bare none being the
Rosette Stone all different the changing of the
tongues scribed liken the newest to oldest writ
“ Unknown, and for forty years not conclude
three different language stories the same and
that is stated in its recovered ruins, why that
research didn’t pan out for thought or it may
have been but was rather unproven but at the
guess later left with the explanation some bit
of chance the tribe disappeared at ends lot or
somewhere rather evil end persisted on Earth
About the once great hamlets still under lost
and found my opinions are with the points of
the inclusion of theory and little chance of the
external lock out seeing the light of that dark
day a arguing possibility where a little stone
having writings the story of life in the balance 
Consumption a possibility by a large magnetic 
propensity turning life’s oxygen on Earth into 
a other power source up there what I suspect
My song is different look at it this way slavery
was in-turned as a tool to deceive the next lot 
history both ways have lost the beginning but
for the chapter of God we carry on religiously 
Mankind disposed of by hell but can read hell
out of between the lines subject to our beliefs
The possible reason I see this mankind notion
of evil still even the slightest of animals have
what is referred as instincts the animal strategy
mankind builds other kinds tear down east and
west the way of the roadway name calling too
man is always been smart enough given tools
to create a secure community environment or
the need to know this could be the just barrel 
of the man buried inside it with a note that’s 
just a reflection in times wheel house my idea
bringing attention to rather my song in smaller
bit times edition a small article of self opinions
if slavery was intertwined as a tool to deceive a
coming next lot of leaders followers looking to
find the gardens behind the walls get eventually 
eaten by giants as hot dogs terrible position to
take figure those walls out burnt half the rock
and sweat of man gone weathered in hells fire
man kind has obviously lost their direction for
the records we note and all the differences from
spade of hand iron claws the crows left the hill
top not green thing growing nothing about, but
for the chapter of God that is what you have in
particular gospels promise of the resurrections
two things height and weight against what may
cancel our beliefs collectively and permanently
Well if they encompassed the innocents and the
funeral was the meat and bread trapped inside 
awful flames so according to what prophet you
believe in is your reward as liken to found gold 
there are revelations of the faith beliefs reason
I believe in the session season that is the church
and churches where our prayers are trusted said
we bless the worlds as I am a elder fantasy laid
plans were the first read chipped stone saw two
cities one disappeared other disappear the city 
still moment changed in another way resilience 
became front and rear between moon man vise
I pretend to have not seen a letter from you in
our flight retreat and carriage like the Count of
Mt Crisco our portrait portrays each in another
favor social graces beneath bleeding lampoons
laughter well that was what happened be or not
which came and went waves and kisses for you
the ivory heart hand stole as lent to me becomes
the select love or hate I write beneath above the
answer to wit does this in prune or fig become
I am as this I share in my beliefs of fun and pun
another class Poet Bloggers in your home heart
♥️ That you found me, thou art a silhouette of
night across the bay land to land church prayer
pew to pew life’s investment goals that in reach 
of the promise of love and marriage to love and
birth in our greeting remains the root of our life
wisdom has the duel role why suppose friendly
visits and unfriendly chats of our borders and
neighbor countries population wisdom did not
leave the many for the few was thought to bare
the truth a range of many discussions even with
the untamed winds tree line calmer states wind
rain cannot replace the only shelved memories 
viewing history one small moment times others
seeds in rejoice baring in the tides of our births
Know in the beginning of human involvement 
reach crawl our way to the stone engraved with
the note of another human place in earlier times
the final resting place the new beginning of you
human race to lean forwards out of purgatory’s 
darkness why we spell bad before good as such
your hand to mouth in any birth and life deemed
given taken in the triangle of life or the twitter of 
Daily Digest got stuck in a bottle on a small boat
a bit rocky sailing through the plastic green of sea
of Mitsee Motsee longest day voyage and plans R
this passing boat of plastic waste streamed follow 
now the sea still the plastic waved or rise and fall
Daily Digest though the daily logs noted liars not
related to courage of another sort promoted newer
ways to log timber a flying rotor mystery surprise 
a swift straight tree cutting rocket with split teeth
looks kinda scary so ran the Bolsheviks from last
to first in the rain another love said farewell on
The Martian outland is but the rogue morgue 
a lending fiend the strange search for histories 
thread and needle remnants in the winds across 
the Martian outland bare witness of legal visits
once the bridge the Indians crossed the land the
way they went and came but it brings about the
the missing or another world history looking at
the Kabuki window cranks up the pin heads to
gain strength free fall the stick becomes most
interesting tool UFO πŸ›Έ ufo found out 
how can the stick become its foundation 
monkeys continue to catch and eat ants with
a sticky stick millions of years or one day it
became another sweet idea one monkey to
another furthermore avoid chocolate covered
ants may come with memory loss this has said
Merry Christmas and Holidays reader wishes 
The wooden doors opened and was met by the
hopeful attendants yes the went thru the time
portal why they appear just attendants escaping 
the nearest screeching echos of another place 
unregistered no time remaining echo chambers 
implode other sound coming to screen Goblins 
πŸ‘Ί The Goblins have peeked to wit on shoulder
stand tall but beneath just Goblins arise whispers
well there’s gotta be a way with of course to be
blings and ritzy things our or Goblins followers 
the future blings ministers change almost daily 
their laundry one letter or another will always
bring reply to change reply’s no wars or nature
unbecoming our nation probably lost for words
or when they have to rearrange our position but
but the philosophy never changes rather like a
wax mustache remains adamant enter unknown 
the Martian mess magnetic moons where within
the devils bake evil concoctions of intrigue seen
see you soon wrote one to another before moons
rest my night bit about walkers moon came news
I bring you it’s talk substance the world began in
subjective order of things occurring first to next
why poke fun about the broken run on mars and
rerun a mars moon project the littlest germ about
once fly nest remnants of a ancient sea of red tics
scraping the bowl or pot for all the porridge one
thing but scrubbing up the ancient fescues dried 
lake may feature the measles like syndrome other
to other things from its lagoon set in my thoughts
a poem came to mind 
I did not marry the desert queen 
who rode the long way it seems 
behind the mask roses prevailed 
love sat near to lands seas sailed 
be but thou sit near to the others
of thrones debut rather look into
inside the cathedrals doors bring 
to prayer all saints sinners speak
enough said of our faith promise
redemption remnants a treasured 
love or virtue prayer love be sent
remain for heaven and earth such
belief spilt our bread along its way
“ it is Christmas week”
a letter from Mars reached back to 
earth via sat set up of the planet M
now that the sleeping rovers keep 
abreast their secrets in tow beneath 
reddish brown gold and grey stole
I made notice of twin peaks color
a green mouth gem of contradiction 
greatly alarming me a graven moon
in image of a old phone or magnet 
burning oxygen into energy conver-
ting to something in reverse osmosis 
only Martians could understand 
does this exist and when two worlds
collide is one dunked to save another
where is this going hell in a hand bag
THE UNIVERSE a charm of immense 
brilliance life in order of its birth place
development worlds and sun in natures 
orbit this is the frosting down the cake
the image in my mind is a replication to
greater and greater images fantasy ideas
orbiting a mother star or a case for starry 
chart-ing a brain per-say built roads men
ran on for years and years even more are
then by age of ones self time forgot rules
“ I remember when I swore the allegiance 
with my classmates same stance to world 
over and over spoke those precious words
which have become ghostly spoken words
the flag dragged on the earth in fire storms
beneath a chance alive raise just memories 
swore my pledge to thee in the late hallway
so wonderful have written back after a long
absence of heart but by you in fancy tea sip
stain my lips the wedding sheet dress of you
guarded by the church in who's Christ is ever 
present never not so loved by thee converted
the dawn of Adam from Eve God and beliefs 
pen and paper machine teaching of two rights
one a profile banner to wave in spring will be
full bloom or the blue whale within becoming
the still ocean that turned puddles to rise above 
the water line pointing moons reclusive states
or witches brew.
Top Cable Story came to my door liken to the
Western Wing a catalog I note of note browsing
the relationship a day in time a bridge of whales
speaking in native terms a cable came my way 
across the platform I work at Blogging say to be 
written during days tale went abound song sung
Grain and sand the seas breaking hard land ahoy 
follow where you to me the seas silver lanes tide
collide at Embassy Row walls are sky domes lit
never leaving sight the call feathered wing seas
the dress codes beaching not everything for count
only bread divided is noted from first to last have
what we say and whats tendered call or for more
cars are a growing electric state in careful demand
for what is a quiet bid but not my ward vise versa
The lengthy grinch make a doo or overdo advice 
I note pond of duckies abound the bridge sun rain
views its history been that of confrontation called
exercise plane rocket plenty aboard speak about.
But don’t fret the language between good and bad
is just the choice sometimes bad comes about a-bit
I came about some eternity ago based upon echoes 
of languages left on the stone later your place rest
The remains are a imbalance of life's beautiful cup
raised to our lips a moments hello reaches beyond 
The Galaxy Suburbia 🏘️ but not in all hearts πŸ’• 
or even more or so the elective hills about said 
have two eyes πŸ‘€ one to keep and one to search
the others land with a safety net like Ingenuity's
NASA little magic helicopter taking baby steps 
liken to the new baby steps hands out to steady 
promote the thread in NASA seen following the 
science touching and hoping few feet at a time
In fact ringing the bell start and finish brings to
study another radius write home about ask NASA
seen in my notes to NASA what’s going on flags
appear interior watch X-rays remnant’s sovereign 
eye of science why ask outside of NASA a follow 
up note but I do explicit reading look at my brief
this long paragraph a flash light of some intensity 
on the next rover. I.E. you cannot keep losing the
science kits it’s cost I raise is questionable in my
Blog to NASA how to avoid the Martian Storms 
Improve the storm trackers we know how today
create another holiday but first look at a dust top
cover remove and replace one thing at a time how
Follow the trail of tracks on the surface observe
similar stoppage mechanic on duty Swiss pocket
knife mentality way to look at to save money not
loose a greater sum creative science works well
when you inspect the work before returning to the
discussions life's beautiful path.
I see thru your armor a web of deceit 
that sits hold of you in which I lash to
the sail pole where in wait storms over 
followed the wind in my sail seas lands
I met my brides return of conquest be it
only a stare a prayer away grant you say
leave from evenings love call no tags or
streets give away their names in stare or
contrast to away where we are times lot
bus ride away the early frost warnings 
came across the narrow way first over
land Indian crossings frozen brought to
that nature of stone and blade that ran
red unseen or unknown to be in anther
time a throne of elephants believe none
a place called immigration scion carrot 
is a running carrot away and away from
running feuding chase the hunger chain
comes the blue fox eats from my hand a
blooper of course or either wife the river
of baptism rejoice at prayer women abide
where God remains in the work enabled.
Script of secret news letter
stepped into the cold turned the page back
saw the Bulge on the map up to view it lifted
the phone those were the days spent roads of
ruin corridors north corridors south worlds of
wheat lay in fire’s storms but brave another to
reach the wages of hunger or war carries end
King Charles /England /other/ planned stamp
being released without a crown /restorations of
a coming stamp second with Blue red jewels R
writers novel wishful thinking lot of story there
to follow or a prayer for healing or buy the best
like what you reach out to or greet on to a letter.
A mystery note liken to me my reach through the
wired fence carried from my port of news read to
me in electronic message I lay in death in nuclear 
waste not the exact words although I had to rise
above the madness and plums of political ware to
change the world over its fallen self mine in more 
then like the spring all but wait for summers days.
I glanced into history purchase had no index notes 
flipped the pages in my readings until I came you
where it read the swans of many distinctions came
the winged pair in white upon white and night fell
day rose became upon the earth in what our wings
beneath the still rehearsal became days and nights
under wing came the baby king this rose in hands
we touch love succumbs each to touch another’s 
hope dream reaching into whom also such exists 
I swear beyond the reach until we conceive not
became the time beyond and longest echo reach
I returned to my lot days earlier where this hand
waving reaching recalls your other days efforts
I believe the universe encompasses many more
beautiful dreams fantasy never ends Gods Glory


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