To Juliya sci fi notes

A note about your letter it carries in a folded bit of glory
most noticeable are the discussion rather than your view
It is easy to love and lose but one memory cannot and in
love remain but less forgotten a note loves taboo other is
mentioned I perceived but a feeling raised is seen in love
I slept with you as in my dream and your love in another
image of life our raised beliefs the secret scrolls of young
and old the birth of life being prescribed state to state and
in out of the darkness the light prevailed love at rainbows
end without any forbearance other beliefs you wrote their
language I write my Blog/Prose state to state in their hide
my line of call brings no darkness to forget me not being
that I explained I see darkness exiting pen and stylist one
glorious little love bud the other I write you in beseech to
your lasting respect I came thru dark and grain of time of
life’s ardent journey to say no more but that I love you ❤️ 
I wrote returned reach to my distant call from the R little
blue world time and people politics are politics time time
Is the same moreover it can change and worse it can end
one season brings another but it cannot promise better of
things to come this is my line of call I sent to other world
a forget me not being that I explained the distant reef in
harms way a love across our sandy beaches love is never
on call to leave or breach the beach our embassy in reach
to say with sincerity only and love raises prevail to say no
never our love climb into the darkness of time no memory
to wake but in you what of things or as beautiful beloved
not locked in my saint’s of saints church my memory this
belief to write and recall the years many but love not lost
I believe light is the greatest of giving against a dark way
Is only that another day happens without asking but praise 
you are the light I see you are home to spring and giving
brought in the honest barter so is thought write and recall 
really lot of friends and gifts upstanding unending bowl
of countries unable.


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